3 Home Décor Ideas from Breakfast at Tiffany’s Featuring Steel Doors

Everyone knows of the maxim, “nothing bad could ever happen to you at a place like Tiffany’s.” If you’ve ever felt at home at Tiffany’s, why not bring the feel and style of Tiffany’s to your home?

Whimsical, eccentric, and yet extremely lovable, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s home décor is full of grandiose and simplistic themes. Holly Golightly’s pied-a-terre was always brimming with natural light, consisting of high ceilings, wrought iron doors, chic accessories, and a blend of glamor with ornate furniture.

If you’re just as fascinated with Hepburn’s character, swoon over diamonds while sipping on champagne, and love tiny blue boxes, we’ve gathered some of our favorite home interior ideas inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

Add Life to Your Home with Stunning Wrought Iron Doors

Nothing is more appealing than adding stunning light fixtures, damask wallpaper, and Windsor-style chairs with their arched backs in the backdrop of cream walls.

For the Tiffany effect, make a statement with accent walls in the color of Robin’s egg blue. You can never go wrong when accessorizing with alabaster lamps, mid-century style chandeliers with crystals, plush velvet furnishings, and wrought iron doors.

Gold Accents and a Vintage Cornucopia

Since Breakfast at Tiffany’s embodies all that Old Hollywood glitz and glamour, we recommend adding sumptuous vintage furnishings and accessories to make your home into a heavenly abode.

Post-modern-inspired soft couches with white velvet upholstery, stone veneer fireplaces, marble bathrooms, and petite gold gilded chandeliers will add a very subtle cool factor to your home.

Broadcast widespread chic with a set of stunning glossy black steel doors or wrought iron doors for an instant sophisticated make-over.

Bold Accents to Maximize Small Spaces

If you’re looking to make an impact with your home interior, opting for graphic wallpaper in floral patterns will add a lot of visual interest to your rooms.

Wooden parquet floors, burnished black dressers, solid acacia chairs, throws and rugs in creamy hues, and black steel doors will give any bare space in your room a polished upgrade.

A home’s interior with black steel doors and white table.

A Tiffany home must also be filled with tactile textures by mixing and matching natural elements with grandiose accessories for an unmistakably gorgeous trifecta: relaxed, classy, and super sophisticated.

We recommend adding a hand-carved mahogany coffee table with bleached wood finishes and dimpled textures, brass candelabras, intricate oil paintings, rich colored rugs, and shiny black French steel doors. The juxtaposition of these high-shine steel doors against the textured interior will look compelling and exude modernity.

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