3 Reasons to Get New Doors for Your Store in San Antonio

The average San Antonio store doesn’t put in that extra level of effort to make their stores pop. It can certainly make a great impression by ramping up the aesthetical style of your store, attracting more customers. Still not convinced? Here’s what you get out of installing a new door for your store, and how it might be a worthy investment:


Increase in Property Value

Businesses don’t generate on the idea of operating forever, as ideal as that may be. They always have an endgame in mind, which can be to hand off your property to your kin or a potential buyer. One of the factors that contribute heavily to your business’ value is how well it’s kept and the various installations in it.

A potential buyer will form their opinion just by looking at poorly maintained doors, which can hurt the impression of the rest of your store. On the other hand, a well-maintained steel door is sure to send a good first impression right away.

Better Durability

With a countless number of people coming in and out of your store, there’s a good chance that its structure has taken quite a beating. From its latches, hinges, and to the frame altogether, it might be time to call in for a replacement. It’s the one thing that keeps your business separated from the outside, and it’ll be an ugly situation if it breaks down during operational hours.

You can buff up your security by having a new, reliable entry door for your store that provides better longevity and peace of mind for you and your workers.

Better Insulation

One of the biggest advantages of a new door for your store is how well it insulates the area. With a tighter seal around the frame, whether you’re trying to keep it warm or cool, the weather stays well-maintained, helping you run your appliances at optimal settings to keep the temperature stable.


If you’re noticing your temperature fluctuate often, a new door installation can certainly contribute towards more uniformity.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we create custom doors for both commercial and residential projects. We have patio doors, sliding doors, wine cellar doors, and steel front doors, along with other accessories for your store’s overall revamp at Pinky’s Iron Doors. We help curate properties in a way that fits the aesthetic requirement of our client while being functionally efficient as well, using high quality raw materials.


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