4 Home Accents that Complement New Iron Doors Texas

The exterior and entryway of any home are one of the most important and attractive features that impress passersby. So if you want to make a lasting impression on your guests, installing iron doors to your entryway will immediately highlight your entrance and steal the show with its elegant and eye-catching design. If you want to elevate your entryway with an iron door even further, this guide is for you.

Here are our top picks of home accents to elevate your entryway and home in Texas:

Large Planters Will Complement Your Iron Doors

Adding home accents to your iron door is like adding accessories to your new outfit and overall look. So, you'll need something tall and eye-catching to add a pop of color to the entryway yet elevate the look of the iron door and the architecture subtly.

Planters made of concrete, plastic vases, or printed or painted ceramic will look wonderful in your entryway alongside a newly installed iron door

Flowers Or Succulent Planters Set Along The Entryway Path

If you want something smaller and subtle, using small herb planters or succulent planters along the corners of the entryway staircase or path can look pretty and elegant. You can use these small planters to add a touch of color and contrast to the solid iron door. The pretty flowers blooming in springtime and summer can elevate the exterior of your home and subtly complement your beautiful iron doors.

majestic exterior with patio doors

Welcome Mats To Give An Inviting Vibe

Welcome mats are a classic home accent that not only has an aesthetic purpose but also functions as a piece of decor. You can buy a bunch of welcome mats and rotate them according to the occasion and place them in your entryway.

Use a standard welcome mat for daily use, Merry Christmas mat for the winter holidays, 4th of July theme mats for the independence day celebration, springtime Easter celebration, etc. You can customize a welcome mat based on your tastes and preferences and place it before your iron door, so guests and visitors can wipe their feet before entering your home in Texas.

Interesting Statues Will Elevate Your Entryway

Iron doors have a strong aesthetic themselves; any extra decor will only serve to highlight the door and its features. If you've got a black iron door, you can pair it with clay statues, red planters, and seasonal flowers in the tiny planter along the entryway. These home accents will give such a beautiful aesthetic that'll be the talk of the neighborhood.

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