4 Interior that Keeps Your New York Home Looking Cozy All Year Long

As one of the northern states, New York is no stranger to cold weather during the winter, as it sees some heavy snowfall, storms, and rain. Even though winters are fun for some people, others prefer to stay at home and enjoy their time in a warm and cozy place with hot chocolate. Now, heaters are there to help you stay warm but if you do not have well-insulated exterior doors and windows then your home will never be able to stay warm.

Luckily, we have the right type of entry door for you. At Pinky’s Iron Doors we have designed one of its kind Thermally Broken Cold Weather Doors. Now, you must be wondering that due to the multiple layers of materials, the door would be bulky or won’t have as many design options.

However, that’s not the case because our door specialists have worked hard to optimize the design without compromising its function. So, here are some unique and beautiful iron door designs that are great for the look of your house and also helpful during the winters.

Queensway Thermally Broken - Single Full Arch

Among our most demanded iron doors that are designed for thermal resistance, Queensway single iron entry doors are a viable option for your home. The door has a crisscross pattern designed completely with iron. You will be able to see our master craftsmanship in the iron door as the door is fully symmetrical with great detail. The door has two separate panels that allow you to open the glass panel individually for better air ventilation.

 Furthermore, even in such a complex design, we have given you an option to choose from different colors for the iron door. You can choose between black, heavy bronze, oil rubbed bronze, pewter, and silver pewter.

That’s not all, there also are different choices for glass as well. Due to these customization options, you can choose this iron door as a secondary entry door while using our other doors for front doors.

Air 8 Thermally Broken - Double Flat

If you’re looking for a door that incorporates the classic look with a more modern style then our Air 8 double flat front door is for you. The design utilizes the classic arched look in a unique way. The frame is solid rectangular shaped design but the glass panel used inside is shaped like an arch providing an illusion-arch. Furthermore, people who like a little more detail on their front doorswill like this design as well. The iron door has a solid iron frame on the bottom half with some quality design work on it. The design consists of a square indented on the surface, allowing a visible pattern. Furthermore, the two doors with the same designs allow for a perfectly symmetrical entrance to your beautiful home.

Plus, just like all of our other doors, we do not compromise on the design and customization of the doors. We provide you with different color and glass options to choose from for your front doors so you can match the interior design of your home with the exterior design.

Beverly Thermally Broken - Double Flat

The Beverly entry door design is the perfect combination of elegance, glamour, and function. Our door specialists have mastered the craftsmanship of these door designs and the Beverly design is one of the most demanded iron doors. The distinct styleof the Beverly design is its beautiful fluid design, all done meticulously with iron. The glass on the door is accessible individually so you can open it for cleaning, natural sunlight, or fresh air during the summer.


If you ask us, this should be your main exterior door because the aesthetic look of the door is unmatched. It showcases an extravagant lifestyle and leaves a lasting first impression on anyone visiting your home. Furthermore, you can even choose a single arch Beverly design which is a single door instead of the double ones and it has an arch at the top for a classic look. Arched doors have always been a way to show visitors your eye for design, and our Beverly doors combine both the unique design and the arched look flawlessly.

Getty Thermally Broken - Double Flat

The Getty thermal door is semi French door design that can be used as both an interior and exterior door. Traditionally French doors are full doors with square-shaped designs from top to bottom. However, our Getty doors have a solid bottom while the top follows it traditional look.


Plus, just like the other iron doors we provide, the glass panel on the Getty design can also be opened individually. So, you can open the glass panel for fresh air whenever you want to.

Now that you know how useful our front door can be for your home, check out all of them on our website. All of our doors get sold out very fast, but you’re in luck right now because some of the best entry doors are available right now. As mentioned earlier, you should consider ordering the Beverly style entry door for your home, but if you want, you can even choose the Getty or Queensway, which are just as amazing.

Besides thermal doors, we also offer a wider range of interior doors in multiple designs. You can get steel doors and iron doors and find them in French door designs, Dutch door designs, sliding doors, barn doors, and bifold doors. All our doors are meticulously designed, so you can expect them to be detailed with proper finishing. You can learn more about our iron doors by visiting our website, or you can get in touch with us to order an iron door.


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