4 Outdated Exterior Design Trends in 2022 and How to Update Them with New Entry Doors

Your home’s exterior and design are important aspects of your home. Most homeowners are focused on the interior design of their home, and they overlook the outdoor or exterior area. The right exterior designs and elements can improve your home’s appearance  

If you want your home’s exterior to have a personality and character, it needs to be in line with your home’s overall design. While trends are always changing and one thing or the other is always going out of style, doors are a long-term investment.

With this guide, we’ll help you avoid exterior design and decor trends, and you can choose a new entry door for your home.

Too Much Color

Adding too many elements in different colors to your home’s exterior can take away from its beauty. While all homeowners want to showcase their personality through their home’s decor, an overload of colors can be detrimental to your house’s appearance and curb appeal.

Two or three colors are more than enough for your home’s exterior design. Even three colors can be considered too much. More than three is something you should stay away from. Add cool neutrals and sleek colors like black or white to your home’s exterior for a modern look.

Outdated Furniture

Another thing you should be avoiding is outdoor furniture that has either run its course or has become outdated. Whether it’s your front porch, yard, or deck, you have to look for furniture pieces that are modern and trendy yet timeless. Square furniture is great for giving a contemporary look and feel to your home’s outdoor space.

Glass Block and Accent Walls

Whether you have a glass block wall or an accent wall outside your home, it will bring down the elegance level and make your home’s exterior design look outdated. You can try modern options for incorporating glass into your outdoor space, like glass panels in your garage door or a pivot door with glass panes.  

Lifeless Front Entry Doors

Your home’s front door or exterior door ties the exterior design together. It’s an important part of your house that you can’t overlook. A dull, lifeless, and worn-out door will only bring down your home’s appearance.

For a much more welcoming and aesthetically appealing outdoor space, you have to choose the right front door. This will enhance your home’s exterior design. You can’t take your exterior for granted. Otherwise, your home’s curb appeal will go down.

Choosing the Right Front Door

The first thing anyone notices about your home, whether it’s a guest, passerby, or a potential home buyer, is the house’s front door. A front door that is a statement piece on its own and outshines all other doors in the neighborhood is the front door that will get you the best value for your home.

If you want your front door to be a statement piece, you have to upgrade it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on revamping your home’s exterior design. Check out the following ideas that will help you improve your home’s appearance and curb appeal.

Front Door Color

A fast way to upgrade your home’s exterior look is to repaint your front door. Choose a color that helps your exterior design look fresh and elevated. You can also go for an iron or steel door and paint it any color you want.

When it comes to the color options, you can choose a bold color that stands out from all other doors in your neighborhood. If the exterior elements in your home are neutral shades, go for a door color that pops.

Choosing the Right Metal

Choosing the right metal is important for a trendy front entry door. Steel and Iron doors are the most trendy doors and can help you curate a luxurious and elegant exterior design for your home.

For your contemporary home, metal doors look the best. They are strong yet fashionable. Stainless or black steel doors are all the hype in 2022. Iron doors never go out of style and are timeless pieces.

Glass Panels

Glass panels can refresh your door’s design. Choose a double door design with glass panes. This will allow your home to have more natural light, and the money you would have spent on lighting can be used to purchase a double front entry door.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are excellent modern door options. They look simple and cool because they are large doors, going from the floor to the ceiling. If you want a heavy door, check out pivot doors for your home.


Trending Front Entry Iron Doors

Iron doors are currently the most trending doors on the market. They are stylish doors, and if you want your home’s exterior to look modern and unique, you have to go with a modern iron door.

  • Iron doors have been around for years and are still relevant and trending. They are timeless pieces and never go out of fashion. If you want your home’s exterior design to always look timeless, go with iron doors.
  • Iron doors are versatile; they can be used anywhere in your home. If you want to avoid outdated home decor trends, whether it’s for your home’s exterior or interior, you can never go wrong with an iron door.
  • For a luxurious feel and better curb appeal, iron doors are the best option. They will add to your home’s value and give it an elegant touch.

New Front Door from Pinky’s Iron Doors

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