6 Exterior Doors That Will Look Perfect In Your Suburban Kansas Home

With summer shining in its full glory, it's time to open up the doors and windows and let the light and fresh breeze in. One of the best things about the summer season is that it’s the perfect time to open up the pool, get the grill out for barbeque, break out a few beers, and spend time with friends and family outdoor. If you’re looking to upgrade the outdoor spaces in your Kansas home with iron and steel doors, we got our top picks for you!

Here are some iron door and steel doors designs you can choose for your home interior and exterior and make the most of the outdoors this summer:


French Patio Steel Doors To Light Up The Interior

You can always install extra windows for more natural light but if you want to do it in a fancier and more functional way, French patio steel doors will make all the difference. You can customize your French patio doors based on your preferences. These doors often come in sleek black frames in modern and contemporary designs to upgrade your house exterior.

These doors also have beautiful clear glass fixtures that allow natural light to brighten your interior décor and furniture. They also allow your house to shine and sparkle at night. The faint glow coming from your house can seem whimsical from a distance.

Dutch Steel Doors To Style Up Your Entryways

If you’re looking for a unique entryway door that function halfway like a window and halfway like a door, Dutch steel doors will make your day. These doors have a unique and contemporary look while adding a modern touch to your home's exterior entryway. It’ll also help keep young children and pets inside while you open the top half to let the summer breezes and natural light inside your home.

These doors are also fitted with iconic glass fixtures that’ll allow natural views from the outside yard or backyard to be seen from inside and illuminate your home throughout the day. Your stylish choice and ingenuity of the door willll certainly delight your guests.


Bi-Fold Accordion Doors To Liven Up Your Space

Bi-fold accordion doors are great for balconies and patios and make your exterior and interior spaces look breathtakingly beautiful and welcoming. The long floor-to-ceiling views make it easier for light to illuminate the interior and allow the views to be taken in as you relax in the living room. These doors are convenient when you want to relax inside the house, and watch your kids or pets play in the backyard.

These doors have a folding function that can be easily opened and closed anytime. They also allow easier access to the patio or backyard sitting area if you wish to bring food in from the kitchen as well.

Double Flat Iron Doors For A Stylish Entrance

If you wish to make things interesting and install a new entry door this summer, a double flat iron door will light up your hallway and make a welcoming entrance for you and your guests. When you wish to enter your house, you want your décor to make a welcoming and inviting statement for your guests. You can create one with a sleek black frame iron door with gorgeous transparent or translucent glass panels that’ll show a glimpse of the exterior décor from the inside and glimpses of the house from the inside.

The modern and contemporary touch will add to the aesthetics of your house and illuminate your entryway with gorgeous views and natural light.

double flat iron doors with sidelights in a living room


Patio Iron Doors With Side Lights For A Bit Of Extra Light

If you don’t like to turn on lights in your home during the day and prefer natural light, these iron patio doors with sidelights can brighten up your house every season. Sidelights also add a little extra light to your room, making your interior look dazzling in the afternoon. They also allow for more natural views so you can keep an eye on what’s going on outside.

The doors swing open quite easily, and you spend the day sitting out in the doorway, enjoying the summer breeze while catching up on your reading.


Single Full Arch Entryway Door For Contemporary Curb Appeal

Whenever you park your car in your driveway, the first thing you lay your eyes on is the house exterior and the entryway. If you’ve got paint peeling on the sides and a broken-down door, it won’t look so welcoming to you or any of your guests visiting your home. If you’re looking to get a paint job and a new door this season, an iron door can add great curb appeal to your Kansas home.


Get Stylish Exterior Steel DoorsAndIron Doors For Your Kansas Home

Now that you know how to prepare your home for a summer party this season, iron and steel doors can add to your home aesthetics. If you’re looking for reliable iron and steel door providers, check out our comprehensive range at Pinky’s Iron Doors.

We have a stylish collection of interior and exterior door designs like decorative iron doors, steel windows, room dividers, black steel doors, pocket doors, thermally broken cold weather doors, French patio doors, room dividers, barn doors, sliding doors, and pivot doors.

Visit our website for the latest interior and exterior doors design. Get in touch with us to learn more about our customized doors.

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