A History of Wrought Iron Doors

The tales of wrought-iron's versatility dates back centuries when it was first used to make heavy weapons. The robust element is now being molded to make luxurious wrought-iron doors in elegant designs that can fit your home's exterior and interior frames elegantly.

If you're a fan of the naturally resilient material like us, here's a brief history of wrought-iron doors for some pleasurable reading:


A historically favorite element

It's widely reported that wrought iron was first discovered during the second century BCE in modern-day Turkey. Due to its abundant nature, it was a favorite element of the locals who use wrought iron to build almost everything from kitchen utensils and tools to weapons.

Wrought literally means "to work," while the term iron was added to highlight the metal's capability to be melted and molded into any shape or form. Historically, wrought iron was melted at high heat, under pressure, and was hammered to mold while it was still hot. Due to this versatile nature of the metal and its highly durable and resilient nature, people soon started preferring wrought iron over other elements.

How is wrought iron made?

Wrought iron is made with a simple process that involves smelting iron ore while depleting its carbon content. This method enhances its robust nature and makes it more resilient to weather changes. Artisans and craftsmen preferred wrought iron over other forms of metal due to its corrosion-resistant and malleable nature.

Types of wrought iron

Traditionally, the world has known two kinds of wrought iron. The first kind was made using charcoal as the fuel and reducing agent in the smelting process, whereas the puddle iron was created with the puddling furnace's help.

The puddling furnace was invented in the 16th century and used water power to separate the iron from its ore. This method took the wrought iron to new heights of fame as it optimized the process and made it easier to separate the impurities from the metal.


Wrought iron doors as a status symbol

After wrought iron manufacturing was streamlined due to the use of puddling furnace, artisans and blacksmiths flexed their creative muscles by creating grandeur wrought iron doors for royal palaces. Since the doors made of wrought iron were sturdier and more elegant than wooden outfits, they quickly became a status symbol in the community.

People who now had wrought iron entry doors adorning their homes were considered to be powerful and wealthy. Today, wrought iron entry doors are available in many designs and can be used to complement modern, contemporary, traditional, and even futuristic architecture.

It didn't take long for the robust and long-lasting element to travel outside of Turkey and quickly become a favorite worldwide. Even Harvard opted for wrought-iron doors for its legendary campus. If you're looking for highly durable wrought iron entry doors for your home in Dallas, Houston, and other areas of Texas, reach out to us.

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