Balancing Inside Space with Aesthetics: Door Edition

If you’ve been checking out some beautiful wrought iron doors or black steel doors but are aware you don’t have that much indoor space — you’ve come to the right place! Although our double wrought iron doors or steel French doors are probably the most popular among customers, they also take up a lot of space.

However, we’ve developed keen insight about all the ways our doors can be used to add some extra luxury to even the smallest of apartments. Here are our recommendations for creating space for our residential steel doors and iron doors.

Take A Look at Your Floor Plan

Before you bemoan the lack of indoor space you have, you may want to take a look at the floor plan critically. Could you move your pantry around to create more space in the kitchen? Is there potential for an iron patio door because of a protruding arch or threshold?

These questions can only be answered once you look at the larger picture of your home’s structure.  One interesting idea that our clients sometimes overlook is that we make and supply steel pocket doors and room dividers as well. Both of these can fit into just about any space because of how sleek they are.

Consider Dutch Front Doors

If you’ve wanted to upgrade your entryway for a while but are conscious of the tiny space, you may want to look at the Dutch designs within our iron front doors. These doors are usually single, flat top doors that can look sleek, but have the extra rustic delight of an open upper panel.

A Dutch door will add character to your house without needing too much space and even an apartment will look brilliant with one of our bespoke Dutch iron doors.

Organize Furniture with Intent

If you have your heart set on a pair of black steel French doors for your patio, maybe you can feng-shui your way through the space issue. For example, if your furniture is too close to your patio wall, maybe you need to re-arrange all of it to face the patio.

This means that you should do away with a sitting space with the furniture as close to the wall as possible and ample walking space in the room’s center. Instead, you should think of your French doors as a TV screen and organize your furniture to face the outdoor.

This way, you can add your French iron patio doors easily while also taking full advantage of the view.

Balancing Inside Space with Aesthetics: Door Edition

Switch out Steel French Doors

We know that steel French doors get a lot of credit, but maybe we need to say goodbye to these doors once and for all. They look stunning, but the mechanics of French doors are just too old-fashioned.

An innovation on French doors that we create and provide are bi-fold or accordion doors. These doors fold into themselves, like the folds of an accordion, which allows you to open them in a sliding motion rather than an opening motion.

This can preserve space and while keeping the wrought iron door element consistent. Of course, there are plenty of other choices we provide, such as steel sliding doors, pivot doors and barn doors — all of which you can find on our online store. We even have a sale going on where you can find residential steel doors, modern iron doors and iron front doors for sale!

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