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Located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Edgeworth has a relatively smaller population as compared to many other residential areas in the state. However, the modest population size hasn’t stopped homeowners in Edgeworth to beautify their boroughs. From the greenery and well-kept lawns to modern architectural styles, Edgeworth residents sure know how to make an impression on visitors passing through their borough. 

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Are you planning on designing your own home in Edgeworth? We can help you with that! As you go about comparing architectural designs and floor plans, let us take care of your entry door styles.  At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we have some of the most beautiful and artistically designed wrought iron entry doors and steel entry doors available. Our products are built using sturdy and long-lasting materials that add to their longevity, making them reliable long-term investments for your home. To top it off, our entry doors are visually appealing and are designed to match all architectural styles. They’re super compatible with modern, contemporary, and vintage architectural designs and will complement the exterior and interior features of your home. Whether you’re looking for a minimalistic door design for your living room, have a more rustic look in mind, or are trying to experiment with contemporary design and need a door that elevates your space, we’ve got you covered!

The best part about our range of steel doors and wrought iron doors is that they can be customized. You can have these adjusted as per your room requirements, doorway specifications, color and style preferences, and desired size. Our team will take care to create impeccable products for your home complete with the finishing and final adjustments. In fact, we’ll also help you narrow down your options and pick a door that best suits your home design.  Our experts have the knowledge and experience needed to help decorate a house with the right type of door styles. We’ll guide you through the process, offer suggestions and recommendations, and provide you with delicately crafted entry doors for your Edgeworth home.

Ready to spruce up your Edgeworth home? We’re just a call away! Get in touch with the team at Pinky’s Iron Doors today and buy the perfect set of entry doors for your gorgeous home. We provide homeowners with an impressive collection of French doors, sliding doors, Dutch doors, barn doors, bi-fold doors, pocket doors, and much more.

We look forward to working with you!

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