Californians Need Wine Cellar Doors: Here’s Why

If you've been living in California for a while, you'll know what Californians may fight over water, but wine, that brings them together.

California's wine culture is based on their passion and pursuit that binds everyone together, from business class to laborers and rich to poor. Every house has its collection of wines at a dedicated spot. And that spot needs a door – an iron door.

Californians Need Wine Cellar Doors: Here’s Why

Here's why you need to consider these amazing iron doors for your wine cellar:

Wrought Cutwork Iron Door

If you love a dramatic entry, you should consider a wrought iron door with cutwork. The delicate cutwork adds to the broad cultural heritage of California. Our custom-made iron doors are created with perfection to blend into your home seamlessly. It provides a royal essence to your wine cellar while acting as the perfect conversation starter.

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French Iron Door

The beauty of a French iron door is that it allows you to see the room's content, even before you enter. If you have a vast wine collection from some unique eras along your wine barrels that you'd love to display, our French iron doors are perfect for you.

Display your wines while creating luxurious aesthetics using our iron French doors with grids.

Pivoting Iron Door

If you're a contemporary art lover with a minimalistic theme around your home, our pivoting iron doors will blend well with your home. Pivot iron doors are made of clear tempered glass with a solid black iron frame to keep it simple and elegant. It's best to display your wine while keeping them secured behind a door.

Pocket Iron Door

Many times, wine cellars are not a planned part of a home. Over the years, you gather your little collection and decide to use vacant space to create a wine cellar. If that's the case and your cellar is situated at an awkward spot, you must consider pocket iron doors.

Our modern yet functional pocket doors offer style and elegance to your stunning wine collection. Made using the finest material and designs, it can slide into a compartment as long as it's adjacent to the wall.

Queensway Iron Door

This one is a relatively simple design that makes a strong statement. Our Queensway Iron Doors come with a raised kick plate with an ornate design to give the bottom some character.

The crisscross pattern in the middle helps give the door asymmetric appeal with a gully operable and locking glass set right behind it. Whether you wish to purchase from the stock available or make a custom size, we're happy to help either way.

When you work hard collecting unique and rare wines from around the world, you've all the rights to showcase them for everyone to see like a prized possession. Pinky's Iron Doors wine cellar doors can be purchased in stock, or let us create a custom design to compliment your collection. Our designers are capable of matching your minimalistic home aesthetics as well as vintage.

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