Choosing Patio Door Designs That Complement Your Home

Choosing the right patio door for your home can transform how comfortable, aesthetically beautiful, and well-rounded your home is. This guide will help if you're having trouble making one choice from our iron patio door options.

Remember, though, that with the right interior design and proper placement — any type of patio door will look brilliant in your home!

Wide Open Bi-Folds for Cozy Homes

Choosing Patio Door Designs That Complement Your Home

Bi-folds are some of the most streamlined, gorgeous iron patio doors out there. They have two mechanisms for folding in two places — hence the name. They provide immense versatility with the option only to open up a single door's worth of your entryway, as well as the ability to throw them open and let the fresh air and light indoors.

Although bi-fold patio doors seem better suited to large interiors and outdoor spaces, they work pretty well in smaller areas too. Opening up your bi-folds as far as they can go can help make both the patio and your indoor rooms seem more spacious. The effect of these joined spaces also works wonders to create comfortable movement for you and your household.

Dutch Doors for Mealtime Spots

We've said it before and will repeat it: Dutch doors are the perfect design detail to add to any outdoor meal areas! Many townhouses or smaller homes don't have a huge backyard, just a tiny deck and green patch to work with. Dutch iron doors fit in seamlessly with that kind of setup since they're single iron or steel doors, and they allow you to pass dishes through easily.

That’s not to mention how adorable they look tucked away in a corner — these iron doors can singlehandedly upgrade your home's design value. In particular, Dutch iron or steel doors are an excellent addition to homes in the city and suburbs both, with neutral features complementing all property types.

French Doors: Where Rustic and Modern Meet

French doors are a patio door type that never gets old. Most people don't even know what makes a pair of iron French doors unique — it’s the glass that makes up most of the iron doors' construction. The glass lets in all the natural light you could want for your living room!

While the idea of iron French doors is that they should open up and allow easy access to the outdoors, you can't have French doors without the unique glass paneling interlaced with sleek metal pickets. That’s what truly combines the French farmhouse effect of these doors with the 21st-century modern iron door vibe.

Double Door Duo for Patio Entryways

A set of double iron patio doors is a classic choice to make for your home, but as they say, more is always better. If you have the access and wall space, why not design your patio entryways to include twin sets of double patio doors?

Use the unique placement above as your inspiration for adding two sets of patio entryways with our iron entry doors. This placement makes plenty of room for you to move in and out of your home while also keeping a smaller interior space light and airy.

That's not all, though; we have plenty more where these patio doors came from. Browse through our iron patio door collection and our steel entry doors, sliding doors, wine cellar doors, interior doors, and windows. We ship everywhere in the USA — so order away.



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