Gorgeous Ideas to Enjoy New Mexico’s Fall Foliage with New Patio Doors

New Mexico is an extremely diverse state, which is why it has a lot to offer to its residents. It has a good mix of traditional as well as modern homes.

However, one thing that's common amongst all homes is their huge patios leading to breathtaking landscapes. Every homeowner in Neew Mexico invests ample time and money to make their backyard look as beautiful as possible using expensive patio furniture, seasonal plants, regular gardening, and a lot more.


With the fall approaching, it's going to be a pleasant view for homeowners. Here's how you can take this experience to a whole new level by installing patio iron doors in your New Mexico home.

Traditional Homes

Dutch Doors

If you're not a fan of large glass doors due to privacy or any other concern, our Dutch iron doors are the ones for you. They offer a single multifunctional door that's split horizontally into two: top and bottom. The top half consists of small windows made from tempered glass, while the bottom can be glass or solid iron, whatever sails your boat.

Iron French Doors

We believe that your home isn't complete without a classic French door, no matter where you're living. Our iron French doors come in a classic black frame, customized to white or any other color you'd like. The high-quality tempered glass will allow you to enjoy the fall foliage while sitting inside your home.

Not to forget, since our iron French doors offer large doors, it'll allow plenty of ventilation throughout your home.

Modern Homes

Sliding Iron Doors

If your lifestyle and home follow minimalism rules, consider our sliding iron doors. It'll add elegance to your New Mexico homes while seeming aesthetically pleasing. It requires no additional space to operate, unlike traditional swing doors, while allowing easy movement and extra ventilation. Maximize your fall view with our sliding iron doors collection.

Bi-Fold Iron Doors

Doors are more than just entry and exit mediums; it's also a fashion and lifestyle statement.

If you are looking for a door that looks luxurious and is a conversation starter at every outdoor party you host, our bi-fold iron doors offer just that. This is the part of our modern iron doors and windows collection made with three panels and has three glass panes per panel. It's effortlessly good.

Mix of Both Homes

Pocket Iron Doors

Supposing your path to the patio is through a corner spot that puts you in a pickle, don't worry; Pinky's Iron Doors offers a perfect solution for such spaces through our pocket iron doors.

No matter the size or shape of the area, our pocket iron doors can be custom built to fit any area while providing maximum view and natural light flow. It simply slides into a compartment that's adjacent to the wall to create the perfect patio entrance.


It would be best if you chose a door that sits well with the overall aesthetics of your home to streamline the look of your interior home space. Pinky's Iron Doors excels at creating iron doors specific to your home style. Whether you're a contemporary or minimalistic homeowner, you can choose from our Air Collection or opt for one from our other collections for traditional homes.

Visit our website to scroll through our complete patio iron door collection.


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