Happy to be Delivering Luxury Iron Doors to Santa Barbara, California

The American Riviera: Happy to be Delivering Luxury Iron Doors to Santa Barbara, California

Whether the breathtaking Santa Ynez Mountains draw you in, or it’s the sparking Pacific coast that moves you towards the exquisite city of Santa Barbara, you’ll be glad you made your way there. Referred to as the “American Riviera,” stunning Santa Barbara, with its many landmarks and aesthetic beauty, exudes relaxation, splendor and easy living. To say that Santa Barbara has a lot of charm and character would be an understatement. The city’s undeniable appeal has the power to draw visitors in and make sure they never want to leave. It’s no surprise that Californians and tourists from around the world head to Santa Barbara to vacation.

Santa Barbara

Known for cinematic festivals, fine wine, shopping in Downtown Santa Barbara, and dreamy views, the magical city is one of California’s prized possessions. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we are inspired by the rich architecture of Santa Barbara. We have had the pleasure of adorning many Santa Barbara homes and businesses with luxury iron doors that match the beauty of the city. The leading architectural style of the city is Spanish Colonial Revival style. While, many homes and commercial buildings also feature Victorian elements, especially in downtown Santa Barbara.

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Add the intricate and historical elements of Santa Barbara architecture to the façade of your home with a Pinky’s Iron Door. Many of our designs are inspired by stunning and architecturally rich cities like Santa Barbara. Here are two of our iron door designs that pay homage to the beauty of this extravagant city.

Although it’s hard to choose amongst our many awesome styles, the  “Piano” iron door design is definitely amongst some of our absolute favorites. The inspiration for our “Piano” door almost needs no explanation. The gorgeous vertical bars of this double door design reflect the melodic keys of the most beautiful grand piano, while the stunning shape of the beautiful instrument inspires the unique shape of the bottom panels on each door. Even the scrollwork is carefully crafted to loosely represent the notes that create beautiful music. Adding this original piece to your home will crate a harmony that will welcome your guests in style and create a first impression that truly lasts. By choosing Pinky’s, you are investing in quality you can trust. With installation that generally takes no more than a day, you are adding beauty and protection to your property that will last a lifetime.  

Another inspiring double door design that features exquisite scrollwork is our “Story” design. This luxury iron door truly tells a unique tale that sets the design apart. Inspired by the imaginative possibility of fairy tales, this eyebrow-arched door design features distinct details that are truly whimsical. The beautiful scrollwork and bordered bottom panels on each door will add instant luxury to your property that will improve the curb appeal as soon as it is installed. This stunning design is a product of quality construction and only the highest quality material. With Pinky’s, you can rest assured that you are investing in the best quality iron doors on the market today. Ironwork has been popular for a countless number of years for its aesthetic and functional properties. Now, luxury iron doors are within an arm’s reach.

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Air 5 - Single Flat
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