How to Choose Iron Doors According to the Size of Your Estate


Doors play an essential role in creating an organic flow inside a house. However, choosing new doors for a house's interior isn't just about picking the colors, shapes, and aesthetics. The key to finding the perfect home interior door is to ensure it fits your house's size perfectly. Here are three crucial steps to finding the right door size for your estate.

Measure the Door Width

The first step to ensuring that your new door will fit your building or house's entryways is measuring how wide the door is. In other words, when you're purchasing a door, it's best to measure its width before determining if it's the right fit for the house. You'll need three essential measurements to calculate its width.

You must measure the door's top, middle, and bottom to see which area has the widest measurement. The highest width will be the door's total width. You can use a measuring tape to understand each area's width within the door frame.

Use the tape measure to run it along the door frame's width from left to right. Remember to record numbers respectively so you can evaluate them and determine the total width later.


Determine the Door's Height

Once you have the final width of the door, the next step is to measure its height. The door's height plays a crucial role when purchasing an interior door because it'll demarcate different areas in a house. You can calculate or measure the door's size by measuring the door frame's vertical side. Like the door's width, the longest length will be the door's total height.

It's critical to leave room for the floor coverings while measuring the door's height. All you need is a tape measure to make this measurement. Start by running the tape from the door's top to the bottom corner and apply the same rule on each side. Keep recording the numbers to assess the door's height.

Every home interior has different wall lengths. Therefore, if you think you won't reach the ideal height perfectly, you may need a chair to get to the door frame's top. Asking a friend or family member for assistance is suggested when looking for some help while recording measurements.

Assess The Door's Thickness

Sometimes you don't necessarily need brand new door frames and can buy replacement doors for the existing door frame inside your house. If you think this works for you, you must measure the door's thickness to ensure that the new door fits the frame perfectly.

Start the process by running the tape along the door's edges and keep note of your findings. Additionally, it's crucial to measure the door frame's rebate to make sure the door sits nicely when closed.


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