How to Give Your Home a Contemporary Look with Wrought Iron Doors


Pick up any contemporary architecture catalog, and you're bound to see wrought iron doors of all shapes and sizes. These doors' versatile and elegant design has made them a staple of contemporary interior design.

If you've been on the hunt for interior and exterior doors that give your home a modern feel, take a pick from these wrought iron doors:

Open Up Entryways with French Iron Doors

Make your home's entrance feel more spacious and welcoming by installing a set of French doors. French iron doors, when paired with other modern design elements, can provide a contemporary flair to your home.

Our Air 5 Double Flat French iron doors are works of architectural artistry. We like to provide our consumers with classic styles in new and interesting ways. Our sliding French iron doors stand out among traditional swing-open French doors with their unique and uncomplicated design.

Go Big and Bold with Beautiful Bi-Folds

A bi-fold accordion door adds a dramatic element to any room. Flexible hinges allow bi-fold iron doors to operate with an intriguing zigzag motion, unlike typical hinged doors: the unique opening and closing mechanism of our bi-fold iron doors attract potential buyers and guests alike.

Contemporary interior design is all about taking innovative approaches to connect your interior and exterior spaces. Incorporating a bi-fold accordion into your patio is a great way to bring the outdoors in. These iron doors bring life to your modern interior by letting in optimal sunlight and fresh air.

Stand Out with Double Arched Iron Doors

The double arch black beauty is the perfect way to bring out the elegance and simplicity of your house. The strong design reflects the wrought iron door's tough and protective properties. With its straight panes, this door becomes a centerpiece for both your interior and exterior design.


The glass inserts on this modern wrought iron door enable plenty of light to flood inside, giving your house a warm and welcoming feel. Its elegant design works well with all kinds of modern-day home decors.

Strategic and Stylish Room Separators

There are fewer inner partitions in modern buildings, which is something to consider. Thus, instead of having separate rooms for living, cooking, and dining, today's homes are designed to accommodate the whole family within a single open space.

With smaller interiors comes more opportunity to get creative. Room dividers are a contemporary approach to separating your home interior into distinct areas. Instead of constructing a wall, you can use room dividers, pocket doors, or iron bi-fold doors. Pinky's Iron Doors offers a wide variety of iron door room dividers that are both beautiful and functional.

Upgrade to Contemporary Iron Doors Today!

You can instantly take a home from traditional to contemporary with a simple upgrade to its doors. At Pinky's Iron Doors, you will find a broad range of modern and bespoke iron doors. We have a large selection of French and Dutch iron doors, along with other interior and entry doors.

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