How to Improve Mobility with Steel Sliding Doors

Mobility and accessibility are usually not major considerations for home design, unfortunately. Many installations such as doors are designed to be tough and sturdy, and they lose the ease of operation aspect at times. This can make getting around the house harder for many people, especially the elderly, the disabled and some children. 


In recent years, accessible design has taken off, and one of the most common applications to improve home accessibility. If you’re looking to improve the mobility within your home, here’s how you can do so:

The Issue with Conventional Doors

For people with limited mobility, opening and closing the door can be a problem. The elderly lack the dexterity required to properly grip a knob or handle and move it accordingly to unlock a door each time they have to move around. They may also not have the strength to swing the door about to open and close it once they manage to use the handles.

Similar issues exist for those in wheelchairs, as they have to move their wheelchairs extensively to make space for doors to open, which can be very tedious, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Easier to Operate

Steel sliding doors work using a sliding mechanism around a fixed frame instead of moving around hinges like conventional options. With proper maintenance, you can ensure that the door takes little strength to move around the frame for even the elderly. It can enable them to get around the house more easily and eliminate the need for assistance with basic tasks.

For those in wheelchairs, they don’t have to move their wheelchairs around the axis trying to open the door, which makes getting across much easier.

Other Ways to Improve Mobility

It’s important that the bottom layer on which the sliding door operates isn’t difficult to walk on or obstructs wheelchairs from smoothly gliding over. Sliding doors should also be kept away from some furniture, which generally needs to be placed with some distance from each other to ensure proper movement across the room.


Maintaining the door, especially the mechanism by which it slides around can reduce the drag and friction. It helps improve the overall mobility of the home, improving accessibility for everyone in the house.

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