How to Modernize Your California Home with Iron Doors

California is the second most luxurious state in the US. The lifestyle there is all about being lux and extravagant while keeping it on the down-low. You'll find ample mansions, but you'll notice them following a minimalistic edge. After all, less is more. Isn't it?

How to Modernize Your California Home with Iron Doors

Pinky's Iron Doors has gathered some of the best ideas to modernize your California home with the simple use of iron doors:

Flat Top Iron Doors with Transom and Sidelights

Whether you already own an iron door or looking to replace one with it, modern trends are all about transparency and openness. While we'd love to substitute the main entry door wall with nothing but glass, it might be a little extra for some. Therefore, opt for iron doors with transom and sidelights.

Just the simple addition of these two things will transform the aesthetics of your home.

Bi-Fold Iron Doors

Many still love the look of traditional heavy iron entry doors; it's something you must ditch if you want to modernize your home. You can still go big but add functionality and elegance with bi-fold iron doors.

More than just improving the appearance of your home, it adds to the quality of life by increasing the flow of fresh air and natural light.

Sliding Iron Doors

Imagine replacing 70% of the height of your front wall with a sliding tempered glass and iron door – simply magnificent. Besides looking uh-mazing, sliding doors will prevent space wastage as it doesn't require the additional space to swing open and shut.

Moreover, if you live in a home with kids or fidgety adults, its super silent sliding action helps maintain the peace—no more door slams.

Iron French Doors

Opt for iron French doors if you wish to add a touch of luxury to your home without doing a lot. It's the simplest way to make your home stand out.

Whether it's a large wall you want to fill or add a room divider that'll not make your room look confined, our iron French doors are the best fit for your California home.

Iron Pocket Doors


Suppose your space is too small to incorporate a traditional door. In that case, an iron pocket door is a fantastic way to incorporate the complete functionality without using up space. The wide variety of our iron pocket doors help add a unique architectural effect, whether you're finding a patio door that seamlessly transitions between the outside and the inside or a room divider that can vanish when you aim to host large gatherings.

Pinky's Iron Doors adds an exceptional touch to the traditional iron doors. Our team works day and night to create astonishing doors that'll be worth your while. Delicacy, elegance, and sophistication with functionality – this is what thrives us.

Visit our website for more information or schedule an appointment to create the perfect iron door to modernize your California home.




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