Iron Doors and Windows in Ammon, Idaho

Initially a ward of Iona, Ammon was known as South Iona until it became a ward of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter - day Saints. These were the founders of the region, with Bishop William Rawson renaming it after a figure in the Book of Mormon. Cultivation would later take on in the region, leading to more development. The population of the area was fairly sparse until the 1940s, and would continue to gradually grow as the area became more connected via railroads. Housing projects, especially those adjacent to Idaho Falls, led to more popularity for settlers who would eventually move in to the area.

A lake in Ammon, Idaho.

Unlike other parts of Idaho, Ammon’s growth was slow over the course of the years and focused heavily on real estate. When other parts like Boise became crowded, Ammon was paradise for settlers and it saw a great influx in the late 90’s. Ammon was now among the fastest growing cities in all of Idaho. In the earlier parts, it was mainly an agricultural region but would soon branch out into other major fields of development.

Ammon, Idaho has been a tourist attraction for a great part of the late 2000’s. Some of its most heavily visited locations include Tautphas Park Zoo, Farnsworth TV & Pioneer Museum, Museum of Idaho and Bonneville County Historical Museum. The area is beautiful, surrounded by greenery and the serene environment that Idaho is generally famous for. It’s a particularly well-loved region by those looking to settle in with their families, having several opportunities for higher education with Ricks College, Idaho State University, Utah State University, and Weber State University.

Ammon continues to rank highly in lists for most desirable area to move to thanks to its idyllic neighborhood’s, availability of modern amenities, a blend of nature mixed with all the latest developments of any modern US city.

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