Ornamental Iron Door Works: Origins of Popular Designs


While people often go for simpler iron door designs to keep up with the minimalist trend in the modern day, we have one reason that’ll make you fall for intricate-work iron doors.

Ornamental iron works date far back into the history. While one might argue that modern metal work is far more eye-catching, we still love these beautiful iron works from the past. Today, you can still find them on jewelry and wrought iron doors.

Metal work has hints and references from the past. The reveal a bigger picture than just the design. Their features were developed years ago by some of the earliest human civilization.

From scroll work to filigree and linked spirals, you can opt for various designs that’ll help you make your home stand out. Our custom wrought iron doors can be characterized using exuberant yet unique metal works from the past.

Let’s learn about the three main ornamental iron work designs that are still popular today.


Scrollwork is an ornamental ironwork design that is traced back to 1800 BC. It consists of beautiful floral and opened scrolls patterns that’s still a common part of jewelry designs today. The earliest scrollwork examples are spread all over the sub-continent, Middle East, and east south Asia. From China and India to UAE, you can find scrollwork on everything including pottery, rings, textiles, doors, and more.

This design resembles unrolled scrolls from the sides. During the Baroque period, this design made an exuberant entrance into the West, and its popularity is continued till date.


Filigree is an arrangement of complex design used in ornaments and other small forms of metalwork. This design contains in coiling, winding, snaking, and plaiting fine threads of iron, and hitching them at their sockets of contact, creating an alluring array of beautiful ironwork like none other.


To add more drama and depth, small iron beads and grains can be inserted to the volutes and junctions of the iron doors to make them look a class apart.

Filigree was very popular in the Egyptian, Etruscan, and Greek periods, and became extremely popular in the West during the reign of King Edward VII. Today, you can easily incorporate this stunning work of art into your home by opting for custom wrought iron door at Pinky’s.

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