Pinky’s Iron Doors is Shipping Front Iron Doors to Beautiful Allen, Texas

Decorative Iron Doors Add Unmistakable Distinction to Upscale Allen Neighborhoods

Allen is a North Texas city that belongs to Collin County. The Dallas suburb was established in 1872 by the Houston and Central Texas Railroad, but it wasn't officially incorporated until 1953. Allen prospered economically from the beginning, but its population growth has been slower than most other Texas cities. Today, the small town's population of just under 100,000 is both ethnically diverse and affluent.


Allen has its own independent school district that is a major employer of the city's residents. The city's economy is also bolstered by businesses that operate in the healthcare, financial services, retail and telecommunication industries. Since Allen is located approximately 26 miles from the city of Dallas, its residents enjoy high-quality, suburban amenities while earning good salaries from employment with top Dallas companies.

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Allen's community development efforts focus on improving the quality of life of its residents and building the city’s brand as the top Dallas suburb. If tourists are attracted to its upscale shopping, dining and entertainment hubs, it’s just an added bonus. Allen has a rich history as a mercantile, agricultural and ranching hub during the early days of the Texas railroad in that region. The city was even the site of the first Texas train robbery in 1878. The Village Depot Play Area is a family-friendly attraction that features four pint-sized replicas of Old West homes, a general store and a train station depot. The kid-sized “community” also contains a fiery-red train caboose that is outfitted for children's parties. No matter how prosperous Allen becomes, the city's residents still experience the humid, subtropical climate that is common to the region. To temporarily beat the heat, many families spend an hour or so skating at the Allen Community Ice Rink. Equestrian-inspired sports are a part of the culture of Allen and many other Texas towns. The Spring Break Horseback Riding Camp, which teaches horse lovers how to groom and ride horses, is also located in Allen.

Allen's residents have a median household income level that is nearly double that of the national average. Subsequently, upscale residential neighborhoods and luxury homes are quite common there. Allen residents who want to set their luxury homes apart from others in their neighborhoods often upgrade their properties with elegant iron entry doors, window coverings or gates. Pinky's Iron Doors has a select group of hand-forged iron doors in both classic and modern styles. If we don't have exactly what our customers want in our extensive inventory, our craftsmen design and build custom iron entry doors for those special orders. Allen residents can obtain their luxury iron doors quickly through our convenient online ordering platform, and they can have their purchases shipped straight to their U.S. homes or businesses.

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