Practical and Stylish Steel Pocket Doors for Every Home

Practical and Stylish Steel Pocket Doors for Every Home

Fewer home design elements offer more practicality than interior doors. We bet you don’t even think twice when installing them and even less when you open and close them dozens of times each day. However, if you’re looking to infuse some inspiration into the design, then steel pocket doors are definitely something you should consider.

These doors are designed to slide into a compartment in an adjacent wall, so they disappear entirely when fully open. They can be used as an architectural element as well as in small spaces where hinged doors don’t work to free up ten sq. ft. of floor space on average.

Read on for a closer look at how you can incorporate steel pocket doors that might just have you—and your guests—stopping in their tracks to steal another look.

1. Pocket Doors for the Patio

If you’ve got a gorgeous patio outside, why not enjoy the view when you’re inside the house too? Get steel-framed pocket doors with glass panels that offer a stunning view of the outdoor space. In smaller spaces, when sliding doors or pivot doors just won’t do, the pocket door design offers maximum utility and style.

2. Pocket Doors for the Bathroom

While small bathrooms are short on space, there are several ways to create the illusion of more space, such as through lighting, mirrors, and small-patterned tiles. But illusions aside, you can actually minimize the use of space by installing a pocket door. You no longer need to create the clearance necessary for a hinging door and can enjoy more space to position your things inside.

3. Pocket Doors for Small Rooms

Small rooms around the house can benefit from a sleek pocket door that doesn’t take up much space. Apart from bedrooms and office spaces, these door designs work beautifully with laundry rooms, kitchen pantries, wine cellars, and storage cabinets where you want to seal off certain areas with custom perfection.  

4. Pocket Doors for Dining Areas

Section off certain areas of your home without worrying about the door taking up too much space in the process. You can even choose pocket doors with multiple panels that cover a larger area. Open when you want to enjoy a smooth flow of traffic from the living room to the dining area or close off when you’re entertaining guests at a dinner party.

Custom Steel Pocket Doors for Your Liking

Steel pocket doors are a great way to maximize space while sprinkling in subtle signs of sophistication within your décor. Pinky’s Iron Doors has worked closely with many homeowners and architects to create custom steel pocket doors designed to perfection. Using the latest design technology, we’re able to create pocket doors with a disappearing feature for virtually any size or space. Contact us today to discuss your door ideas with us.

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