The Ultimate Guide to a Dramatic Home Makeover with Steel and Iron Doors

Now that summers are here, home décor connoisseurs are feeling a collective itch to rejuvenate and revamp their properties.

In spring, we managed to incorporate a mélange of colors in our bedrooms and patios. Adding antique furnishings also gave those spaces a luxurious and tranquil vibe. It’s time to switch things up with high-impact, visually dynamic pieces like black steel doors, scene-stealing velvet couches, and tactile textures to make your home decor dramatic and dreamy.

Here are some of the latest trends that will breathe life into your space while displaying an instant dramatic effect.

Black and White with a Sunny Disposition

There is no better way to inject personality into your home than modernizing your space with a strikingly bold black and white palette.

A high-glass black colored brass balustrade, tiles, and marble-top desks will look chic and sophisticated when paired with cream white walls, fringe rugs in a creamy hue, and sun-bleached coffee tables. Add some plush velvet chairs, black bi-fold doors, and a mid-century style chandelier with alabaster shades to enhance the effect.

You can make your black and white palette look more refined with bright-toned accents in rainbow colors like tubular reds, buttercream yellow, and navy blue.

Neo-Renaissance Style Home with Black Entry Doors

Neo-Renaissance homes have immaculate geometry, added dimension, and amped harmony.

Convert your home into a luxurious neo-Renaissance style property by including minimalistic accessories, bright open spaces, and jewel-toned pops of color.

Opt for large metal sliding doors that will maximize space.  Rosy facades made with thin Roman bricks, metallic pendants, mahogany walls, stained-glass windows, Regency-inspired mirrors, and oak furniture are also great options. We recommend adding vintage lithographs, deep emerald accent walls, Breccia marble fireplaces, and antique Persian rugs for a more dramatic effect,.

Adding Surrealist Details with Black Steel Doors

Douse your home with bright colors and tactile textures to give it a refreshing new look.

For a homey look, go for cherry-red accents, black steel doors, signature accessory pieces like vintage artwork, timber-clad walls, ocean blue upholstery, and embroidered textiles.

We also recommend adding in one-of-a-kind vintage furnishings, an ottoman with unique fabrics, and emerald green carpeting.

If you’re set on renovating with black steel doors or wrought iron doors, you can also opt for tinted concrete stairs, rattan accessories, vibrant rugs, and burnished black dressers. Other options include beechwood chairs with natural rope and coffee tables with grained wood.

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