Understanding the Steel Door Fittings Pinky’s Provides

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality steel windows and doors that have been crafted with attention to detail and the best materials out there. Although we know that our doors are always aiming at the gold standard we set for ourselves, that’s not the only thing that a good door should have.

As an iron door manufacturer and supplier that ships all over the country, we have to make sure that our doors are simple to install and come with fittings that make them an ideal choice. Every door we send out comes with a standard set of supplementary fixtures.

Let’s check some of them out!

The Jamb

While most people are familiar with a door frame, not many folks know what exactly a jamb is. The jamb is one part of the door frame and is also commonly known as the legs of a door. The jamb is the part of a door that lines the sides of the doors.

We provide jambs with all our iron exterior doors and steel doors. They’re packaged separately from the door and are constructed with 12-gauge tubes, which is above industry standard. We also line our jambs with polyurethane foam to complement the door’s insulation.

Steel Threshold

Just like the jamb, thresholds are part of what makes up a traditional door jamb. This part of the door comes welded to the jamb and is essentially supposed to be the piece that lies below the main body of the door. They also contain ridges that the door comes to rest on when closed.


Our bullet hinges with grease fittings come welded onto both the jamb and the iron door for easy installation. Our hinges have been tested to allow for a smooth opening and closing experiencing.

Our hinges are welded steel with copper crush washers instead of the standard ball bearing hinges. This is because stainless steel is used to make ball bearing and the hinges/doors are made of softer steel, which causes wear and degradation. Our copper crush washers mean that there is a soft point that prevents erosion and is also easily replaced.

Rubber Door Sweeps

We make it a point to install the rubber door sweeps at the bottom of the door to ensure that the bottom of the black steel door is sealed. The sweeps close off the space through which air, insects, moisture, sound and light can pass through, thus making our doors truly impenetrable.

These aren’t the only fittings we provide, especially if you count the additional customizations and add-ons we offer, like latches, locks and glass options. However, these are the standard fittings we provide with every single premium residential steel door we send out.

Check out our range of steel front doors, iron front doors, black steel French doors, steel sliding doors, pocket steel doors and get all of these cool fittings when you order one!

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