Unlocking Vintage Tranquility in Your Home This Mercury Retrograde with Steel Doors

Mercury, the planet of technology and communication, is in retrograde.

It’s become quite common for people to blame their problems and the chaos happening around them on this planet, and the truth is, they aren’t wrong.

Mercury goes into retrograde quite a few times in a year and leads to a lot of misunderstandings, miscommunications, and a lot of exes reaching out to you in the DMs. It’s important to take your time to rest, build healthy boundaries, keep yourself safe from energy vampires, and convert your home into an escapist’s cocoon so you can stay ensconced in your sanctuary.

Looking for some stunning home décor ideas this Mercury retrograde? We’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

Building a Zen Meditation Corner

It’s important to stay away from your gadgets during Mercury retrograde. Use this time for yourself and meditate instead of spending your days glued to screens.

Open up your home to bright light and nature by installing metal sliding doors in areas with white tiles so they can reflect light. Don’t forget to get some lovely-looking potted plants for some lush greenery. If you’re not open to the idea of opening your home to nature, getting transoms and sidelights is also an excellent way to let in the light and have a meditation corner to die for.

Multicolored rugs, roman shades, golden light fixtures, and vintage decorative mirrors will look twice as compelling when paired with the obsidian beauty of your black steel doors.

Calming Your Nerves with Soothing Colors

It’s common for people to feel restless and irritated during Mercury retrograde.

This is why we recommend throwing away any clutter and creating a clean, calm, and relaxing space. Add soft pink touches with floral wallpaper, blush pink pendant lights, textiles with pale hues, and iron glass doors.

Accessorize with soft lavender and lilac accents to complement the pink in your apartment. The key to striking a balance is adding in sophisticated pieces like wrought iron doors, mixed with antique wooden furnishings with marquetry. This helps in unifying your theme with a dreamy color palette.

Making a Bold Expression with Modern Steel Doors

Once you’ve rested and feel your spirits rise again, you can fill your home with bold colors and translate your spirit into a jubilant exploration of colors and textures.

Bring a contemporary touch to your home space with sheer fabric upholstery, heavy velvet drapes in Earthy tones of emerald green and ruby red, terracotta tiles, sunflower-yellow wallpaper, and parquet floors. For an added touch of modernity, indulge in a set of high-gloss black steel doors for your entryway that will for sure be a scene-stealer.

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