Valuable Home Additions: Statement Front Doors

As 2020 paves the way for 2021, we’re already looking at new front door trends. While some designs never lost their appeal in 2020, others have been replaced with new variations that are set to take center stage in 2021. If you’re looking for fresh entry door inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the most stunning designs you should add to your residential bucket list.

Go Dutch (But Not in the Conventional Way!)


You can’t go wrong with a classic Dutch door. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Dutch doors have become a staple across the U.S. (here’s a little more on why). If you’re struggling to revamp your current front door, replace it with matte black Dutch doors that offer enhanced functionality, flexibility, and durability.

In addition, spruce up the space around your front door. Indulge in modern LED light fixtures that emanate a soft glow and make your exterior entryway appear more engaging. Place tall potted plants on each side of your door and set a fall-inspired figurine nearby!

Indulge in Expansive Iron French Doors

Iron French doors have consistently stood out every year. They were all the rage in 2018. They stole the show in 2019. And they’re still just as popular in 2020. Their sleek, modern design makes them perfect for any space—bohemian, rustic, industrial, minimalist, or transitional.

Now, you can invest in single iron doors if you’d like. However, expansive double iron doors have been trending this year, and they’re very likely to retain their appeal in 2021. Opt for wide iron French doors that make an impact and bolster your curb appeal.

Arched Black Steel Doors


From slight curves to complete bends, arches have been enjoying quite a lot of popularity lately. Indulge in arched black steel doors to add an autumnal touch to your home. As winter rolls in, your new doors will seamlessly blend in with the frosty season. Browse through our collection of steel entry doors to find your favorites!

Iron Entry Doors With Gorgeous Scrollwork 


Scrollwork has been sauntering in and out of style over the past few years. As of 2020, it’s trending like no other. Opt for unique designs to invite classic glamour and sophistication into your home. If your home is decked out in modern design, décor, and colors, the intricate scrollwork will beautifully complement its contemporaneity. To balance the minimalist interior elements with regal grandeur, indulge in iron front doors that feature ornate scrollwork.

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