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Antelope Valley is a desert region that has residential communities in both Los Angeles and Kern Counties. Some prominent cities and towns in Antelope Valley include Palmdale, Lancaster, Lake Elizabeth, Leona Valley and Quartz Hill. Antelope Valley, which occupies a portion of the Mojave Desert, has an arid climate that is distinctive from many other California regions. The area boasts rugged vistas that come alive with wildflower blooms after limited, winter rain showers.


The main cities in Antelope Valley have experienced a good deal of growth over the years

Although Antelope Valley is located in the desert, agriculture was and continues to be an integral part of the area’s economy. Alfalfa was the region’s main crop during the 19th century, but today’s Antelope Valley crops include onions, carrots, potatoes, peaches, nectarines, pears and lettuce as well. Most of the water that is used within the agricultural industry and for residential consumption in Antelope Valley is pumped from deep, underground aquifers; water from the California Aqueduct system supplements the region’s water supply. The main cities in Antelope Valley have experienced a good deal of growth over the years, and the increasing population has outpaced ground water replenishment. Drastically, lowered ground water supplies threaten the region’s farming industry and its ecosystem.

While Antelope Valley communities do not have the characteristic glamor that is associated with Los Angeles, many have developed commercial establishments that help residents to feel as if they are not “stuck in the middle of nowhere.” For instance, the Antelope Valley Mall that is located in Palmdale is a popular shopping and entertainment venue. It contains well-recognized retailers such as H&M, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Hollister and Forever 21. Several movie theaters and bowling alleys are sprinkled throughout the region as well. The Lancaster Performing Arts Center and the Antelope Valley College Performing Arts Theater offer residents opportunities to take in live musical and theatrical performances throughout the year.


Besides its growing collection of suburban amenities, job prospects also attract newcomers to Antelope Valley. Lancaster and Palmdale have strong relationships with the defense industry, and Edwards Air Force Base is located in Antelope Valley. The base serves as a flight test center, and the government uses Edwards as an alternate launch site for its aerospace programs. Some defense companies that have offices in Antelope Valley are Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BAE Systems.

Antelope Valley’s home prices are also attractive by California standards. Subsequently, homeowners can often afford to invest in high-quality accessories such as iron entry doors and gates that make their properties look extra special. Pinky’s Iron Doors of Southern California has a wide selection of traditional and contemporary iron doors that can improve a property’s value, security and curb appeal. Our state-of-the-art, online purchasing platform and delivery service to anywhere in the United States makes it simple for Antelope Valley residents and business owners to upgrade their properties’ exteriors.

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