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As one of the most populated cities in the nation and the metropolis of the west coast, the city of Los Angeles is home to many proud Angelenos. LA is a desired travel destination for people all over the world. The diverse city of Los Angeles is appreciated for its abundance of culture, iconic landmarks, and of course, unbeatable Southern California weather. There is never a shortage of sunshine in LA. Of course, Los Angeles is usually best known for Hollywood, the heart of the movie and television industry and home to some of the hottest stars. The city is also rich in design and architecture with must-see high rises and buildings like the Capitol Records building, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Griffith Observatory, the Watts Tower, and the Bradbury Building. Whether travelers make their way to the west side for sunny California days or to explore Hollywood Blvd. and see other famous sights, Los Angeles attracts a multitude of tourists every year.

Pinky’s Iron Doors is proud to be based in the City of Angels and loves to enhance the beautiful homes and architecture the unique city of Los Angeles has to offer. Neighborhoods like Bel Air, Brentwood, Century City, Pacific Palisades, Westwood, and the Hollywood Hills are adorned with the luxury and security of wrought iron doors, windows, and accessories.


Wrought Iron Entry Front Doors Los Angeles CA


Wrought iron can be the perfect addition to any home no matter what the unique designs of the property might be. Iron doors, windows, and accessories are a safe, secure and aesthetically appealing option for any Los Angeles home. Pinky’s wide selection of iron doors in varying styles from modern to traditional will cater to the many unique home designs throughout LA. Regardless of the style, Angelenos will love how much more grand the entrance of their home will become with the addition of Pinky’s Iron Doors.




Traditional homes with ornate details and classic architecture will be the perfect match for one of our intricate and grand double doors like the “Beverly” door. With a sophisticated design and meticulous details, this luxurious double door design is the epitome of elegance. For contemporary Los Angeles homes, iron doors within the Pinky’s Air Collection will be the ideal choice for a modern home. The modern doors within this collection aim for the linear over the organic, and feature sleek and simple designs that truly stand out. The “Pinky’s Air Ten,” for example, is a simple double door that’s contemporary and classic at the same time. This stunning piece is designed with modern and minimalistic homes in mind. Homes throughout the Hollywood Hills and all across the beautiful city of Los Angeles can look even better with the addition of the Air Collection.

Since Pinky’s Iron Doors are sustainable and energy efficient, we help make Los Angeles homes more “green.” We take sustainability seriously around here. Our commitment to providing superior quality iron doors coincides with our dedication to making sure our production and products are always energy efficient. Los Angeles residents can rest assured knowing that Pinky’s complies with all city standard and pursues initiatives hat allow our team to operate more efficiently by recycling all iron that is left over or unused. Not only does Pinky’s provide the highest quality wrought iron doors, windows, hardware and accessories, but our doors are also “green” for many reasons. Pinky’s iron doors are insulated with a polyurethane foam core that has been energy qualified. Our energy efficient doors are build to avoid air conditioning leaks in the summertime and heat in the winter. All of our iron doors feature 3/4” dual pane tempered insulated Low-E glass. The dual sealing around the glass allows for weather stripping on both sides. We choose the best glass available so that most of the sun’s energy that reaches the glass will either be reflected back into the environment, or absorbed




Pinky’s iron doors are thermally broken using glazing tape or caulking between the glass. This is a factor of low thermal transmission that lesses the flow of thermal energy. Sustainability is extremely important to the Pinky’s Iron Doors team. We want to help Los Angeles become more energy efficient. We always keep in mind that we are part of a larger community and strongly believe that taking environmental responsibility should never be put not he backburner.

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