Installation Guide - Single Doors

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Leveling Door Frame  Hanging the Door
Door Fit Adjustment Make sure Circled areas are flushed Use plastic Shims to adjust these areas if door fit is uneven

Lock Strike Plates

Filed Icon Not Filed Icon hr Line Enlarged Screws

If the door is not 100% level (And even with the door being level, the strike plate may still require some filing adjustments), the latch and deadbolt strikes will not strike correctly into the opposing strike plate. In this case, you will need to file down the opening of the strike plate in order for the latch to secure correctly.

On a wooden door, it is easy to notch out the wood to change the location of the strike plate, but because an iron door is metal, instead of cutting and welding new metal, this filing of the plate is the solution for small strike issues. Our strike areas are standard* sizes and the plat.

Please reference the diagram on the left for an example of a strike plate that has been filed vs. one that has not.

There are also times when the screw locations on the strike plates may not line up 100% perfectly with the threading on our doors. In this case, you will need to drill the holes larger to align the screw holes. The bottom left diagram shows those locations as well. *Filing adjustments may be needed depending on the lock manufacturer as they may not provide the correct size strike plate for our metal doors

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