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is a family legacy
in the making.
Get to know
our story,
and the brothers
behind our vision.

Dion and Arin sitting on Table


Dion and Arin sitting on Table

PINKYS is a family legacy in the making. Get to know our story, and the brothers behind our vision.

Our doors are the perfect way to welcome your guests into your home. With endless options, we are sure to have the right door for your home. You’ll love our French doors, beautiful wrought iron doors, modern front doors, dutch doors, barn doors and so many more! Our dedicated team is ready to help you choose your dream door with quality craftsmanship and exceptional service. All of our products are hand made by highly skilled workers to ensure that each door is made with precision. We provide a wide range of steel doors, entrance doors, all types of exterior doors doors, iron doors, and sliding doors, amongst other door types. We are a prestige brand, focused on providing innovative and unique doors to our clients. With our timeless designs, we provide many different looks that homeowners around the country have been enjoying for years now. With long lead times from most companies, one of the most common questions we get is how long the wait is for black entry doors or black front doors. With the largest US inventory of steel windows and doors, lead times are many times just a few days for us. Many customers first find themselves searching iron doors near me, or steel doors near me, but quickly realize that they can purchase in stock doors at from anywhere in the country and get their order shipped in just days. Along with our in-stock doors, we also make custom doors to fit any home; from contemporary doors and modern styles to more classic designs, we offer front doors, bifold doors, accordion doors, black interior doors, modern front doors or most any door type you can think of. At PINKYS, we're in the business of creating architectural elements that allow you to express your personality. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality doors, windows and other accessories for your home. We create pieces that are beautiful, functional and timeless. As an architectural elements designer specializing in steel doors, windows and more, we can provide everything you need from front doors to patio doors and interior siding options. Whether you're looking for a modern entry door, modern interior door, metal doors in general, or custom house doors, there is something here for everyone's taste. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products that are designed with your personal style in mind. Contact us today with any questions or visit our showroom!

Pinky's Iron Doors | Best Iron Doors & Steel Doors On The Market

Pinky’s Iron Doors is Southern California’s premier developer of the best iron doors and windows. Pinky’s creates the element that makes a home extraordinary with our large selection of steel doors. Pinky’s delivers an uncompromised experience through modern design, artisanship, and unyielding craftsmanship. Pinky’s has earned a reputation as a superior provide of residential and commercial steel doors, the single entry doors, double entry doors, and black front doors. Pinky’s Iron Doors has been Southern California's premier developer of modern doors for sale.