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Air Window 0V 1H - Awning
From $1,260.00  $1,400.00
Air Window 0V 1H - Single Casement Square
From $675.00  $750.00
Air Window 0V 2H - Double Casement Square
From $1,785.00  $1,983.33
Air Window 0V 2H - Dual Single Casement
From $3,150.00  $3,500.00
Air Window 0V 2H - Fixed Rectangle
From $742.50  $825.00
Air Window 0V 2H - Push Out
From $1,382.40  $1,536.00
Air Window 0V 2H - Single Casement Square
From $1,080.00  $1,200.00
Air Window 1V 1H - Dual Single Casement Landscape
From $7,875.00  $8,750.00
Air Window 1V 2H - Fixed Rectangle
From $4,092.00  $4,546.67
Air Window 1V 3H - Fixed Rectangle
From $891.00  $990.00
Air Window with Ring Pull 0V 0H - Awning
From $921.60  $1,024.00

The Finest Custom Steel Windows at PINKYS

Imbued with supreme strength and resilience, steel windows are tough enough to withstand whatever the world throws their way. At the same time, the finest steel windows exude an elegance and grace typically reserved for more delicate and dainty materials.

For the very best steel windows and doors, PINKYS is the place to shop. Inspired by the unparalleled beauty of Southern California sunsets, our window and door experts craft beautiful, custom windows to suit the needs of any property, and the tastes of its owner.

The Advantages of Steel Windows for Homes and Other Buildings

Bronze. Iron. Wood. When it comes to materials for windows and doors, you've got a lot of options to choose from. But steel reigns supreme as one of the very best options. Here are just some of the aspects that elevate a steel window above any alternative.

Unbridled Strength

Metals such as steel and iron rank among the strongest materials known to man, with steel, in particular, excelling in terms of sturdiness and might. Wind, rain, sun, and snow—all may beat down on a steel frame, day after day, week after week. But it'll remain strong and steadfast against all challenges, improving home security and providing peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is at the forefront of many architecture and construction projects these days, and many homeowners, too, seek ways to make their properties more sustainable and less wasteful. Steel is a wonderful choice for windows and doors, thanks to its ability to keep heat in the home and minimize thermal loss. In real-world terms, that means a more efficient home and less energy wasted.

Long-Lasting Durability

Glass may crack and shatter. Wood can rot and wear away. Even hard metals, like bronze and copper, wear down as the years roll by. But steel is one of those rare construction materials with almost superhuman levels of durability. It's capable of lasting for years and years, with steel windows and doors passed from one generation to the next.

Minimal Maintenance

Life is for living. Not for wasting on mundane and tedious tasks, like maintenance for windows and doors. Fortunately, steel also has the miraculous benefit of being a wonderfully low-maintenance choice. The average steel window won't require constant upkeep, like the regular sanding, sealing, and painting needed for wooden equivalents.

Sustainable Choice

Sustainability is another headline theme in the world of architecture and construction nowadays. At a time of so much waste, pollution, and environmental disaster, many homeowners and craftsmen too wish to use sustainable, recyclable, safe materials. Steel is a fantastic option for sustainable projects, ranking as the most recycled substance on earth, while also being permanent and endlessly reusable.

Adding Value

Ideally, every addition, upgrade, or enhancement you make to your home should not only make it a more pleasant place in which to live but also a more valuable one. The addition of steel features, like windows, skylights, and doors, is always sure to add value since steel is a highly-prized material with so many unique benefits. So you should achieve a better price for your property, should you choose to sell up someday.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

There can be no underestimating the importance of curb appeal in today's society. Many homeowners take pride not just in the interior of their homes, but in the exterior, too. They work hard to provide passers-by with a visual treat, a facade that turns heads and exudes the "wow factor." That's what steel windows can provide. They add luxury and elegance to the exterior of a home, taking curb appeal to a whole new level.

Reasons to Choose PINKYS for Custom Metal Windows

As you can see, steel windows are the optimal choice for so many reasons. But not every steel window is made equal. Leading the way in top-quality windows and doors, PINKYS aims to be your No. 1 choice for any steel window addition.

Peerless Craftsmanship

Pouring heart, soul, and passion into every product we make, PINKYS has been crafting windows and doors for decades. We believe in the importance of windows and the value they bring. Not just to a home, but to those who dwell within. Bridging the gap between inside and out, every PINKYS window and door aims to not just meet our customers' expectations, but exceed them.

Boundless Creativity and Customization

We understand that every home is different. Every homeowner is one-of-a-kind, too. Each has its vision and style. Some prefer the traditional. Others adore the modern. Some fall somewhere in between, looking for doors with modern features but traditional luxury. That's why we offer exceptional levels of customization across our product range, giving you the freedom to fine-tune each detail and element of the windows or door you buy.

Unmatched Inspiration

PINKYS is a Southern California brand, built on Southern California lifestyles. Our vision comes from the spectacular sunsets we enjoy each day. Our inspiration is drawn from the beautiful environments that surround us. With SoCal as our muse, we're able to create the most striking, special, and unique products. PINKYS delivers the kinds of windows and doors you can feel proud to have as part of your home.

Exceptional Quality

At PINKYS, we never compromise on quality in our projects. Whether we're crafting oversized windows to sit alongside doors with narrow sightlines, or grand picture window frames to bathe a living room in light, we treat every project with the same passion and care. We only use the finest materials throughout to create the strongest steel windows you can enjoy for decades to come.

Order Your PINKYS Steel Windows Today

From their durability to their beauty, it's clear to see that PINKYS steel windows and doors are unmatched in every key aspect. So, if you're seeking a way to elevate your home's exterior, freshen your facade, or strengthen your security, look no further. Check out the full PINKYS steel window selection and order today, or contact our team for a custom quote.