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Air 4 - Double Flat
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
Air 4 - Single Flat
From $1,959.80  $2,177.56
Air 5 - Single Full Arch
From $2,613.10  $2,903.44
Beverly - Single Flat
From $2,613.10  $2,903.44
Bristol - Double Flat
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
Bristol - Single Flat
From $3,048.62  $3,387.36
'DNA' Door - Double Flat
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
'DNA' Door - Double Full Arch
From $5,226.21  $5,806.90
'DNA' Door - Single Flat
From $2,613.10  $2,903.44
Air Getty - Double Flat
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
Air Getty - Single Arch
From $3,048.62  $3,387.36
Air Getty - Single Flat
From $2,204.80  $2,449.78
Golden Gate - Double Flat
From $5,226.21  $5,806.90
Hills - Double Flat
From $4,410.45  $4,900.50
Knox - Double Flat
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
Knox - Single Flat
From $2,204.80  $2,449.78
Knox Pivot - Single Flat
From $5,467.50  $6,075.00
Knox with Side Windows - Single Flat
From $4,409.61  $4,899.57
'DNA' Door - Single Full Arch
From $3,048.62  $3,387.36
'DNA' Door - Double Mini Arch
From $5,226.21  $5,806.90
Beverly - Double Flat
From $5,226.21  $5,806.90

Revitalize Your Home's Entrance with Iron Doors

What if there was a way to bring the best of both contemporary structure and classical design to the entrance of your home?

Bold and classy. Durable while elegant.

Your front door is more than just an entrance. It's the first impression of your home, unveiling your personal taste. Ideally, you want that first impression to be enchanting, inviting, and breathtaking.

Wrought iron doors do just that by allowing you to choose from a plethora of influential designs. From the hypnotizing swirls of the Tuscany-inspired scroll work to the sturdy simplicity of a contemporary approach, there's an option that can fit any entrance.

But to truly appreciate both the beauty and functionality of iron doors, we'll need to take a closer look at what they can do for your home. Here we'll explore nine advantages of iron doors and what makes them better than some of their counterparts.

PINKYS Iron Doors Home Pictured with Exterior Steel Doors and Windows

The 9 Advantages of Iron Doors

When analyzing the best entrance point for your home, you'll need to look at a particular blend of aesthetics and functionality. Iron doors fulfill both these roles because of their hardware and particular craftsmanship. They keep the house from appearing ordinary while introducing a timeless appeal and superior functionality.

PINKYS entry lifestyle

Advantage 1: Bathe Your Home's Entrance in Warm Light

Many doors rob the house of much-needed natural light at the very entrance. With a full double-arched wrought iron door, you can have the brilliant colors of a sunset enter your home and fully liven up the interior. It sets the tone for the whole area, inviting warmth and character with illuminating freshness.

If you desire more light, go with more contemporary-styled iron doors. However beautiful they may be, ornate swirls and scrollwork can block the sun. PINKY'S has a wide range of iron door options that accommodate any home while allowing natural light to pour through the entrance.

PINKYS Modern Homes lifestyle

Advantage 2: A Prestigious Curb Appeal

When increasing curb appeal, the front door is your greatest asset. A default standard-shaped door can make the home look much more ordinary and boring. However, just a little special attention will revitalize the exterior with prestigious flair.

With iron doors, your home's entrance exudes elegance and beauty for all to see. It'll be an entrance beckoning visitors to a realm of high style, class, and luxury. As a homeowner, you'll also want this front door to match your individual tastes.

A contemporary iron door with glass makes the home's entrance feel expansive, opening it up for light and guests. For lovers of the classics, intricate patterns and swirls of more traditional style iron doors transport you to the heart of Tuscany, France, or Greece.

PINKYS Iron Doors Getty Double Flat Steel Entry Door

Advantage 3: A Strong, Secure, and Durable Entrance

Iron doors are beautiful; that's a given. But they're popular because they're also functional. With their particular mix of elegance and strength, iron doors can be a unique yet reliable addition to your home.

Iron is a robust metal that can withstand forces without warping, breaking, or bending. With that structural integrity, they protect your exterior while resisting harsh environments, damage, and potential breaches. They last decades longer than wood exterior doors while retaining their unique styles.

PINKYS Iron Doors Wrought Iron Entry Doors for the Home Exterior

Advantage 4: Iron Doors Protect Your Home's Security

Tying into the strength features above, wrought iron doors can be a vital point of your home's security. Because of their heavy and sturdy appearance, a wrought iron door will deter potential intruders. As such, iron doors both look and play the part.

Even if intruders attempt to break in, iron doors are incredibly impact resistant. They're notoriously hard to kick, ram, or force down, making them the optimal choice for any homeowner looking for protection.


PINKYS Iron Door with Glass Taft

Advantage 5: Iron Front Doors Give You a View Like No Other Door

This is yet another way wrought iron doors combine beauty and functionality with their unique constitution. With standard wood entry doors, you can only install peepholes to see what's in front of your home.

However, wrought iron doors are made with solid glass panels. This has two advantages. Namely, it bathes your home in light while giving you greater visibility. This feature is handy if you want to see what's happening in the neighborhood or notice any suspicious activity but want to stay protected.

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Advantage 6: Finally Forget About Maintenance

Whichever door you choose, maintenance costs seem to be waiting on the other end. But that can all change if you choose an iron door. They require minimal upkeep to retain their distinct style and constitution.

Wood doors warp and bend to the changing weather conditions, while sleek steel can look atrocious with messy fingerprints. However, don't bust out the old bucket and sponge just yet, because iron doors rarely need maintenance. Wrought iron is highly weather resistant once you install it. It can hold its own against the strongest opponents mother nature can throw at it.

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Advantage 7: Explore Iron Door Models and Customization Options

Because of a vast collection of design installation types, there's an iron door for every home. For example, exterior doors with an iron front come in both double-entry doors and single-door styles. Likewise, iron doors will differ by the multiple details options on their front.

Some come with wide glass panes, while others have geometrical embellishments. The classical style – seen in French, rustic, and European iron doors – has more intricate patterns and embellishments that appear as swirls, mimicking forms of vegetation.

PINKYS lifestyle

Advantage 8: Boost Your Property Value with One Elegant Change

Many homeowners devote much attention to their house's interior. However, quite a few simple tricks boost your property value from the outside. Installing a wrought iron door can make it more attractive to potential buyers. This makes the upfront cost worth the investment for this metal and glass entrance point.

With iron doors, Homeowners can boost other exterior elements in combination with iron doors like outdoor lighting and landscaping.

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Advantage 9: An Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly Energy Entrance Point

Because of their structural integrity, iron doors are much better at stopping heat transfer. This keeps the home and door at a stable temperature, preventing both excessive heating and cooling. In the long run, this will help save money on your energy bills as you can lower that air conditioning or heating.

By turning down your energy consumption with an iron door, you also greatly reduce your carbon footprint. With less energy used, homeowners can look forward to a more sustainable approach to living.

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Why Iron Doors Are Better Than Wood Doors

Now that we've looked into some of the main advantages of iron doors, like aesthetics and functionality, it's time to see how they hold up compared to the most common front doors we see today.

Many homeowners love a good wood door; with the right finish, it can look beautiful. Tastes can easily differ with home décor. But an iron door's power lies in its highly durable material, making it a more robust and more durable option than your standard wooden door.

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This boils down to a fundamental difference in materials. Iron is much stronger than wood. It resists warping and discoloration, lasts longer, and is more secure for your home. Sure, the cost might be higher, but with multiple options, many can find one to fit their budget.

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A Closer Look at Different Metal Doors

While it's evident that iron doors are more robust than wood doors, you might be asking how they hold up to steel doors. While close in durability, iron doors are advantageous over steel doors because of their breathtaking and stylish customization options.

The craftsmanship seen on iron doors comes from the material's exceptional workability, allowing for intricate and complex patterns. Homeowners can also opt for a minimal approach with straight lines, arches, and glass panes for a lovely light.

PINKYS French Entry Doors

They're also much easier to maintain. Steel will tend to stain easily, and every finger on the door appears as a pretty obvious smudge. Iron doors, however, will require little to no upkeep once installed.

It's worth mentioning here that many homeowners might also consider aluminum doors. While naturally less durable than iron and steel, aluminum doors are still standard grade. However, they also lack the many different customization options that are present with iron front doors.

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The Best Iron Doors for Your Home at PINKYS

What differentiates an elegant, inspiring entrance from a boring everyday front door? Could it just be in the material?

While that might create some of the difference, it isn't entirely complete. When PINKY'S began in 1978, we celebrated the beauty of the Southern California sunset through our iron doors.

PINKYS lifestyle

Our architectural elements are built to embrace that expansiveness, creating harmony between the bustling city and the beauty and power of the sun. PINKY'S front iron doors introduce an openness in your home as grand as the Californian skyline. With a suitable iron door model from PINKY'S, you can transform your front door while making it an exceptional part of your home.