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Air 4 - Dual Single with Middle Fixed Panel Flat
Air 4 with Left Side Window - Double Flat
From $6,776.00
Air 4 with Right Side Window - Double Flat
From $6,776.00
Air 4 with Side Windows - Double Flat
From $6,534.00
Air 4 with Side Windows - Double Full Arch
Air 4 with Side Windows - Single Flat
From $4,151.02
Air 4 with Side Windows - Single Full Arch
Air 4 with Side Windows - Single Mini Arch
Air 5 Dutch with Side Windows - Single Flat
From $4,900.50
Air 5 Wide with Side Windows - Double Full Arch
Air 5 with Side Windows - Double Flat
From $6,534.00
Air 5 with Side Windows - Single Flat
From $4,151.02
Air 5 with Side Windows - Single Mini Arch

A Front Door With Sidelights and Transom Transforms Your Home

When brainstorming ideas for your exterior doors, many options come to mind. Homeowners generally choose standard doors made of mahogany or other types of wood. While materials are important, you should also consider high-quality accessories.

That's where sidelights (aka sidelights) and transom windows come in. Installed correctly, they add a unique flair to your house and serve as an impressive focal point.

Coming up are the reasons you should add a front door with sidelights and transom windows to your Southern California home.

What Are the Advantages of Exterior Doors With Transom and Sidelights?

If you want to create a breathtaking entryway, it's time to replace your standard single or double doors with something more eye-catching. Doors with sidelights and transom windows can fill in the gap perfectly. Here's why they work great as a front door:

Enhanced Curb Appeal

The No. 1 reason you should consider installing exterior doors with transom windows and sidelights is that they elevate your property's curb appeal. An illuminated doorway makes heads turn and conveys a sense of ethereality. Everyone will admire a house with such a mesmerizing entrance, including your neighbors.

More importantly, entering your home through doors with transoms and sidelights is incredibly satisfying. After mounting this type of door, you'll be eager to come home from work and be welcomed by beautiful lights on all sides.

Ample Natural Light

If you're like most property owners, you probably illuminate your doorway and entrance with light bulbs. While there are LEDs and other energy-efficient solutions, they can drastically increase your electricity bills.

There's no need to invest in additional light sources for your home when you can mount a prehung door with sidelights and transoms. The primary purpose of sidelights is to make your entryway brighter. This means you don't need to rely on bulbs or other sources.

Transoms are just as beneficial. Whether you mount a wooden or premium-quality, artisan PINKYS door, they invite a ton of natural light. Transom doors of all sizes are perfect for creating this effect, making them highly versatile.

Additional Ventilation

Few people consider ventilation when mounting their doors. However, this is a major mistake. It can contribute to several problems, such as poor air quality and allergies. Therefore, you need to make sure your option has proper ventilation.

The best way to do so is to partner with PINKYS. Our doors with transom windows can update the look of your property while improving ventilation. Whether you're cooking or vacuuming the place, just open the window to expel unwanted particles. The result will be more fresh air and a lower risk of health issues.

Higher Resale Value

You might not want to sell your lovely home right now, but who knows your plans for the next 5-10 years? Thinking ahead is always a great idea.

In other words, you want to ensure you get the highest price for your property in the event of a sale. Installing a door with sidelites and transom windows is one of the best ways to do so.

This investment can skyrocket the value of your home, especially if you purchase PINKYS items. Our doors with sidelights and transoms are fully functional and look fantastic. Both features are a must-have when attracting potential buyers.

Endless Customization Options

When installing a standard door, you don't have much leeway in terms of customizing the result. You can make minimal changes regarding the natural light that enters from the outside and the aesthetic elements of your door.

You won't have this problem with PINKYS doors with transom windows and sidelights. There's ample room for customization. For instance, you can decide whether to install sidelites in a single place or distribute them across all sides.

The same goes for your windows. They can be mounted practically anywhere around your door, giving you unmatched freedom when achieving the desired look.

Improved Security

One of the biggest issues with poorly illuminated doors is that they can invite burglars. Thieves are more likely to target homes with limited lighting because they can commit crimes undetected.

An excellent way to enhance security and deter invaders is to mount transom options and sidelights onto your doors. They light up the front of your place nicely, making criminals think twice before breaking into your property.

Another way doors with sidelites and transom options improve privacy has to do with providing a better view of the people in front of your place. For example, you can easily check if there's a delivery person outside or someone masquerading as one.

Create a Balanced Appearance

Designing your property in the same style is challenging. One of the areas you may struggle with is ensuring your door complements the rest of your abode. Doing so can be hard if your facade is ultra-wide. It can make small exterior doors seem out of place. You want to avoid this at any expense.

PINKYS is here to help address any imbalances you may have with your single or double doors. Check out our collection and find the right front door option with sidelites and transom windows.

Besides being an impressive focal point, it'll complement your expansive facade. This way, it can harmonize key elements of your exterior and fill the void otherwise left by regular doors.

Experiment With Different Colors

You might think having a fully functional yet colorful door with sidelites and transoms is a tall order, but that's not the case. You can easily find windows and sidelites in a stunning color that works well with the rest of your door.

For instance, PINKYS offers decorative sidelites in an ethereal oil-rubbed bronze nuance. It can add a new dimension to your property and transform your door. It looks gorgeous in any condition, whether exposed to direct sunlight or illuminated by your sidelite.

Extensive Options With Top-Rated Insulation

This is another reason you may want to replace a conventional double or single door with a door featuring sidelites and transoms. PINKYS offers these doors with well-insulated jambs. The polyurethane foam core does a fantastic job of trapping heat when it's cold and preventing heat from entering on blazing summer days.

Hence, our extensive options with sidelites and a convenient transom are a premium energy-efficient addition. They can reduce the need to use your HVAC when achieving comfortable indoor temperatures.

Seamless Maintenance

Buying an expensive, high-end door with a transom and sidelites might be daunting. However, it's a smart long-term investment. Easy maintenance is one of the factors that offset the slightly higher upfront price.

Since transoms are usually installed high above your door, it's hard for children to reach them. This reduces the number of smudges and stains that ends up on the glass, allowing you to keep the unit in mint condition effortlessly.

Cleaning sidelites might be a bit more challenging because they're lower, but you shouldn't have too much trouble scrubbing them. That's especially the case if you buy your exterior sidelights from PINKYS. Our products feature tempered glass, renowned for its forgiving texture. It only takes some dish soap and a quick wipe-down to clean the surface.

Install Them Practically Anywhere

As the name indicates, sidelites are usually mounted at the sides of your single or double front door. However, transom models are more versatile in this respect, as you can install them virtually anywhere:

  • Above your front door - This is the standard placement of most transom products. They make the door more elegant while improving visibility and adding natural light. Furthermore, they help cool down the place, essential in hot climates.
  • Complementing a patio door - A transom designed in style can be used as an extension of your patio door. It complements the entrance nicely, making the area captivating and cohesive.
  • Extending windows - When installing transoms, you're not limited to doors only. You can also mount these items above other windows, like above a bedroom window, if the place has poor lighting or ventilation.

What Are the Various Types of Exterior Doors With Sidelites and Transoms?

Now that you understand why it makes sense to pair your home with doors with sidelites and transoms, let's go through the types of doors you can add:

  • Solid - These doors come with so-called solid transoms. They feature a single frame that can be installed at the upper or lower part of the door. Again, sidelights usually go to the sides.
  • Paneled - Another item you can add to your entrance is a paneled door with transoms and sidelights. It's comprised of glass panels divided by wood or metal strips to form a grid. Multicolor glass panels are an option, but a single color is a better option if you want a uniform appearance.
  • Fanned - Doors with fanned transoms are incredibly practical. Mounted at the bottom of the door, they usually feature panels that open in either direction. This way, you can control the amount of light and air entering your abode.

Key Considerations When Mounting Your Door

You can gain a lot from your doors with sidelites and transoms, especially those manufactured by PINKYS. Our artisan products are constructed from remarkable materials to ensure longevity in your investment. They also feature tasteful accessories to embellish your entryway, porch, or other areas.

However, this doesn't mean you should rush the buying process and order the first door you come across. A lot goes into selecting the right model for your property. Take the following factors into account when making your decision.

What Material Do You Prefer?

A door's material might be the most significant feature. You want a solution that looks good but lasts long.

Most choose a wood door. It's a great-looking material that lends itself to a variety of finishes and textures. However, its durability is questionable. Such products are susceptible to rot, warping, and many other types of damage. Furthermore, they easily combust in the event of a fire.

That's why you should consider something sturdier, such as PINKYS doors. Our doors with sidelites and transom windows are made of 12-gauge iron, which boasts remarkable durability. You get top-of-the-line impact, fire, and warp resistance. Plus, we apply specialized galvanized coatings to each product to safeguard against rust.

Do You Have Any Preferences for Glass?

There's a wide range of glass you can choose from when mounting your door. Traditional solutions might not work because they may be too fragile and prone to stains. They're affordable but require heavy-duty maintenance.

A much better alternative is sophisticated PINKYS glass. We provide a number of glass textures, with each offering exceptional benefits:

  • Frosted glass - Purchase a door with frosted glass, and maintenance will no longer be a problem. This texture is practically stain-proof, allowing you to keep it in perfect shape with minimal effort. More importantly, it blocks excess heat from entering to help keep your home cool. It's also stronger than standard products.
  • FordBlue glass - This type of glass is ideal if you prioritize the appearance of your door. It features a transparent surface that exudes next-level elegance.
  • Rain - If you wish to produce a stunning effect with your door, PINKYS Rain glass is a fantastic solution. It resembles raindrops and has a blurry surface that prevents prying eyes from peering inside your dwelling.

What Size Do You Need?

When it comes to picking a door, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to determine the right dimensions to ensure your door is compatible with the frame. If you're not sure how to do so, reach out to PINKYS. We'll explain the intricacies of the measuring process to facilitate smooth installation.

Boost Your Home's Value With PINKYS

Whether or not you plan on selling your place, a front door with a transom and sidelights is a superb enhancement. It improves your aesthetics, privacy, energy efficiency, and functionality.

If you need more information about these doors, get in touch with PINKYS. We'll guide you through our curated assortment and answer all your questions.