PINKYS celebrates the beauty of Southern California sunsets: Blush. Breathtaking. Ethereal. Expansive.

PINKYS is a company born and raised in Los Angeles, whose very success is a testament to the American Dream and to a family history of artistry and craftsmanship.

We champion the creative lifestyle of Los Angeles, the light, the air, the palpable energy of the city, to create high-grade architectural elements that break down walls and create infinite opportunities wherever you see them.

Our Story

With roots dating back to 1978, PINKYS was born of the artist's life.

PINKYS founder and patriarch Vic Der-Sarkissian was a drummer in Isfahan, Iran—a historic city and the country's artistic hub—where he played Jazz, an experimental genre built for improvisation and passion. Following the revolution, Vic sought to maintain the values and traditions he cherished. He fled with his wife and two sons to California. To Los Angeles. A universal haven for artists and creative spirits.

Southern California is an ideal. A dream in the minds of all who pursue it. Forever becoming.

Initially crafting expressionistic ironworks in his LA backyard in LA, Vic imbued each piece with the same passion and vive he poured into his drumming. Once an artist, always an artist.

The design and quality inherent in every PINKYS product resonated with the work of other artists in Southern California. The freedom and openness of the city that first attracted Vic is echoed in every door and window. It is the same lifestyle his sons Dion and Arin grew up in and celebrated.

When the brothers took over and refined PINKYS in 2014, they built upon their father's legacy and brought their family’s vision of connectedness across the country.

Each door and window crafted by PINKYS is a view. A frame. A connection to the natural world outside.

Enjoy the view.


Air 5 Double Full Arch 3d Render Photo


Industry leading design. Exceptional craftsmanship. Superior customer service. These are the DNA of PINKYS. Just as an artist never compromises their vision, these are the essentials never wavered on.

Since our inception, PINKYS has found success by creating iron doors and windows of unmatched quality while ensuring their accessibility and affordability.

Every piece created by PINKYS studio is produced with singular care and focus. Every element is designed and forged with the intention of becoming a celebrated statement of your home. A statement of your lifestyle.

From skilled ironworking artisans to an attentive customer service team, PINKYS is dedicated to excellence in everything we do. It is what has attracted the likes of Magic Johnson, Dr. Woo, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, Shavo Odadjian, and other world-renowned creatives to PINKYS. It is why HGTV, TLC, Bravo, and other networks rely on us to create inspiring, picture-perfect environments. And it is what will make you a part of our family.

That is our promise to you: entrust us with your vision and we will help you create a one-of-a-kind work that will elevate your space, with a customer service experience that is bar none.

Owner Dion Der Owner Arin Der

A brief history of PINKYS

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