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Air 4 - Bi-Fold
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Aesthetic and Functional Appeal of PINKYS Bi-Fold Accordion Doors

There's nothing better than watching a spectacular sunset from the comfort of your home. But a regular door won't provide such breathtaking sights.

You'll need something special for that purpose.

You'll need high-end bi-fold accordion doors - just like those PINKYS creates.

Exterior bi-fold doors make the entry area more expansive. The spaces on both sides seemingly merge, giving you an unobstructed view of the outdoors. You get the impression of open space without sacrificing security or comfort.

Bi-fold variants also function perfectly indoors as regular or closet doors. They can divide spacious rooms while leaving them open and flush with light. Minimalistic, modern, and sophisticated. That's the impression everyone will have when walking through PINKYS bi-fold doors.


PINKYS combines top-tier craftsmanship with premium steel and glass.

How We Make Bifold Doors

Quality hardware is the essence of great doors. Nobody understands that principle better than us at PINKYS. Designing bi-fold doors with impeccable style and functionality is no easy task, which is why we use select materials and leave nothing to chance in our production process.

Handmade Frames

Experienced professionals craft our pure-steel frames and doors. Each piece represents a unique door-frame pair, so your custom door will only fit into their own specific frame. Stock production isn't a part of our mission - inspiration and one-of-a-kind application are our objectives.

Why do we make a singular frame for each door?

Every PINKYS door will slide into its frame perfectly. Whether your order is in custom or standard sizes, the result will be the same: ideal fitment and seamless design. Hence, our frames also come in custom sizes.

High-Quality Steel

Our manufacturing process uses 12 gauge steel, the ideal thickness for a quality door. With 12 gauge pieces, our doors are sturdy and reliable. Yet, they don't come off as too robust, allowing us to achieve the key features that make PINKYS products famous:

Light but strong architecture and impeccable artisan design.

The steel that makes up your PINKYS door is also galvanized for additional protection. In the galvanization process, the steel is coated with zinc. The coating results in a material that resists corrosion and remains formidable.

Tempered Glass

Just as the steel in our bifold doors is top-notch, the main panels are industry-leading. Double-paned, they provide excellent insulation. The air between the panes serves as the perfect buffer, negating sudden temperature changes and the effects of extreme weather conditions.

Better yet, the door panels are tempered, making them more secure and resistant. But what does that mean in practice?

Each PINKYS door represents a strong barrier that won't give in easily. The panels are more formidable than most standard windows. Their weak points are around the edges, which are covered with the tough steel frame. The only way our panels will break is after a hard hit with a pointy object. But even then, the resulting shards will be less sharp and dangerous due to tempering.

This material is also resilient to high temperatures. Since we know the harsh heat waves of Southern California all too well, our doors are resistant to temperature extremes.

Easy Maintenance

When you purchase a PINKYS door, you'll find that keeping it in pristine condition is no trouble at all. Greasing the door once a year will keep them working great. And you'll be able to do so without issues, thanks to the uncovered Zerk fittings. The fittings are designed to accommodate the standard nozzle of a grease gun.

Door hinges feature special crush washers made of copper. These prevent the steel parts from rubbing against each other. In other words, the washers will deteriorate rather than the door's construction.

That's why a washer replacement will be necessary when they get too thin. Luckily, this won't happen often, and you'll only need to replace the washers every few years.

Cleaning the door surface is easy, too. Use the PINKYS Iron Door Spray regularly and your door will always be spotless while boasting additional UV protection. Easy cleaning is especially important for interior areas like the closet.

The Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors may be a great option for a variety of uses. They can be installed in closets, a garden room, or patio. Whatever the case, a number of benefits will become apparent as soon as the doors are in place.

Sophisticated Look

A bi-fold door will immediately make every space look more stylish. With a delicate, streamlined design, this crucial element affects the surroundings and brings an air of sophistication.

With PINKYS doors, you'll also get to choose between many color options to match your style. Your new door will complement and elevate the rest of the home design.

Opening Up Space

Common doors are made to perform one primary function: separate one space from another. While PINKYS bi-fold doors will do just that, they'll also leave the impression of an open area. For example, you can integrate a closet into your house more intimately.

While the openness is welcome indoors, it will become a genuine asset if the doors are installed at the patio entrance. In fact, placing these doors between the indoors and the open space outside will be ideal.

You'll get the advantages of segmentation and additional security, along with the feeling of uninterrupted space.

Flexible and Versatile

Bifold doors can be used in various locations within your home. Wherever you decide to install them, the doors will accommodate the area perfectly.

You can fold the doors completely, removing any boundaries when the weather is nice. Then, if it gets chilly or you simply need some privacy, you can close the doors in an instant. You'll also find them efficient in terms of saving space.

Since bifold doors can be opened in different ways, that functional versatility will ensure they're never in the way.

Rich Natural Light

One of the greatest advantages of having large doors with plenty of translucent panels is in how much light they let through. Depending on where you position them, the doors will minimize the need for artificial light.

Lighting is one of the main considerations in living and working areas. PINKYS helps you soak in that precious vitamin D as much as possible by not obstructing sunlight.

How Interior Bifold Doors Improve Your Living Areas

Although bifold doors make the most sense when positioned at entry points, they can have plenty of value indoors as well.

We've mentioned how bi-fold doors can be used for closets and room division. Here's why this door type is a good choice for such areas.

Stylish Division

Dividing a room can be practical but may also jeopardize the overall style. Installing such a barrier can stick out like a sore thumb unless done properly.

With bi-fold doors, you don't have to worry about that aspect. PINKYS doors introduce a breath of fresh air and can be customized to fit your needs precisely. After a while, you won't know what came first: the need to divide the area or stylistic considerations.

In fact, you might want to reevaluate the situation even if you've already installed an interior door. Swapping a regular variant for interior bifold doors is one of the best options to explore, whether for room separation or a closet.

Uninterrupted Visibility

If there's one issue with dividing interior areas, it's that you no longer have a clear line of sight. Depending on your circumstances, this could be of massive detriment. The expansive, transparent interior bi-fold doors give you extra options here, too.

You can get the best of both worlds - have two separate areas and still be able to see what's going on in the other space. Having this kind of vantage point may be the deciding factor in terms of feeling more secure, particularly for families with kids.

Choose Your Glass

PINKYS doors come with a large number of glass options. There are different textures to choose from. Best of all, you can pick one texture for one pane and another texture for the second pane, giving your doors a specific look from either side.

You can choose from a variety of styles. Some of which will provide greater visibility, others may make the interior more private, while some strike a balance between the two.

Let's look at the panel types you should consider, their specific features, and advantages.


Low-e is the stock variant that comes as default with PINKYS doors. See-through, it provides an unhindered view of the outside and vice versa. Note that the interior might be somewhat less visible from the outside if the door is in direct sunshine.

Low-e provides UV and heat protection and will save energy due to reduced HVAC costs. The panels are undoubtedly high-quality and manufactured to leading industry standards. Depending on the positioning, it could be the perfect choice for interior areas and backyard-facing walls.


Sandblast/Frost is the direct opposite of Low-e. Defusing the interior light, the frosted surfaces offer nothing more than vague shadows to any outside onlookers. Even those shadows won't be well-defined unless the interior light is exceptionally bright.

A possible downside is that you won't be able to see what's going on outside either. If you choose Sandblast/Frost for your front door, an extra window or camera system will be necessary for you to identify visitors.

If you have a way to circumvent the indoor visibility issue, this variant will offer the most discreet solution.


Aquatex represents the middle ground between Low-e and Sandblast/Frost. It doesn't provide full visibility, nor does it block vision completely. This is a fully textured surface with divots.

From a distance, you can see outdoor shapes without recognizable details. The image will become clearer with proximity, but not to the point where you can recognize faces. This option is particularly interesting. It will let plenty of light through, even while blocking clear visibility.

Without sufficient definition, you'll undoubtedly notice movement but won't be able to identify who is outside. For that reason, Aquatex works best paired with clear windows or cameras, similar to Sandblast/Frost.


The Rain variant is made primarily for style - it's not intended to keep interior areas private. The unique surface features subtle texture and etching, making it one of PINKYS bestsellers.

When it comes to visibility, Rain doesn't obstruct sight very much. It will provide a somewhat blurred image, but the interior will be quite visible. The view is better defined the closer you are to the door.

If you don't like the idea of passersby seeing into your house, installing Rain doors might not be the best choice for the street-facing side.


Flemish is similar to the Rain model in terms of visibility. The slight texture provides mild distortion when viewed from afar. Yet, that's not enough to keep the interior obscure. Plus, as people approach, they'll be able to discern more and more details.

The same principle applies to your point of view from the inside. You'll easily make out the shapes of people walking by and will have no trouble recognizing them from closer proximity.

Naturally, these traits aren't best suited to the side of the house facing the street. This product is better for areas that don't call for discretion.


If you want to attract plenty of light while obscuring the view, Ribbed is the way to go. Particularly fitting for our AIR line of doors, Ribbed is unsurprisingly a mainstay in PINKYS stock.


These panels are as private as they are illuminating. The shapes seen from the inside or outside will be almost completely indistinguishable. However, the light will pass through them without issues.

Opting for the Ribbed variant presents a similar issue to the Sandblast/Frost option. You won't be able to see the people in front of the door clearly.

Pick the Right Color

Deciding on the panel texture will be the primary consideration when choosing your style. The next aspect to focus on is the frame color. Luckily, PINKYS products ensure that every part of your interior design fits in perfectly.

You might think that the frame color doesn't play a significant role in the overall look of the interior. Yet, it's one of those design details that can make or break your style. If done correctly, many won't even notice it. If done incorrectly, it will be of glaring detriment to the whole property.

The good news?

PINKYS has a handful of universal options to complement practically every style. Let's explore them more closely.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze has timeless appeal. Often used for smaller surfaces, it will be quite prominent on a door frame.

This color is making a massive comeback in the market as an elegant alternative to nickel and chrome. While such surfaces scream "luxury," Oil Rubbed Bronze can surpass them with a sleek and tasteful look.

The visual impression isn't the only factor that recommends Oil Rubbed Bronze as your frame of choice. It also doesn't display finger marks as clearly as other common variants.

Oil Rubber Bronze will go perfectly with lighter and earthy tones. If wood and marble are predominant, you won't go wrong with this shade for your frame. Since it's one of the more complex colors, it will also blend in well with various wall paints.

Heavy Bronze

Heavy Bronze is designed to make a statement. This shade will draw the attention, but not in a distasteful way. Since Heavy Bronze tends to stand out, you'll need to utilize it strategically.

In particular, Heavy Bronze will complement light surfaces. As it turns out, entryways are most inviting when done in lighter colors. In other words, a Heavy Bronze frame would be a great choice for exterior doors. Similarly, it might be too much framing a closet.

It's also worth noting that Heavy Bronze is most suitable for accents and details in period interior design. If that's the overall style of the area, a Heavy Bronze frame will fit like a glove. However, that doesn't mean this color can't be applied within a more modern setting - it will just require more attention.

Finally, it would be best to make sure there are few or no bronze details in the immediate vicinity. Heavy Bronze is striking, so it doesn't take much to overdo it.

Brushed Silver

Brushed Silver makes a classy and subtle statement. A colder shade, it has a "no-nonsense" air about it. At the same time, being brushed makes it warmer than the usual silver variant.

Contrary to what some believe, Brushed Silver can work exceptionally well with various shades and materials, including other metals. For example, a clever combination with warm metals like brass or gold will create an exciting backdrop.

Following the best practice, Brushed Silver will go better with greys, greens, and darker blues. This is a relatively simple rule when it comes to metals: always pair cold metals with cold colors.

In terms of texture, it would be best to combine Brushed Silver with something that contrasts with it. For instance, a hammered or polished texture will elevate the matte surface of Brushed Silver.


Black might seem like an easy choice in all situations, but it's not as easy as that. In fact, there are only two ways to make the most of black: lean on it heavily or utilize it sparingly.

As a frame choice, black will emphasize the panels, giving them a distinct look when viewed from the outside or inside. Then, you'll need to follow up with appropriate additional decor to make the choice of black completely justified.

Black frames are better used sparingly rather than going the "all-in" route. We've already mentioned how entryways are more accepting to lighter shades. For that reason, darkening that area to accommodate the frame probably wouldn't work - unless you're going for a gothic look.

A black frame can work perfectly as a balcony or patio solution. It will be particularly efficient if you make sure the surrounding has plenty of tasteful details in black and white.


Often recognized as one of the most beautiful shades of grey, pewter is possibly the safest choice for a classy frame. It strikes the perfect balance between light and dark, making it practically universal.

Yet, that doesn't mean pewter will fit in absolutely everywhere. Nor does it mean this unique shade can't be utilized in the wrong way. Pewter is just easier to blend with the existing interior than some stronger shades.

But what are the best ways to utilize pewter?

You can contrast it with shinier surfaces and accents. However, pewter will be better in this role when used as a larger background. Luckily, the shade combines well with other grays, so you can surround your frame with similar colors to create a seamless, unified area.

It's also worth noting that pewter often serves as a replacement for white. In other words, you can employ it in much the same way as any light accent.

Open Up Your Home with PINKYS Artisan Bi-Fold Doors

If you opt for bi-fold doors from PINKYS, you want more than mere practicality.

You want to make your residence positively breathtaking.

With PINKYS, doing just that is easy. Browse our collection, consider the frame sizes that will fit perfectly, and choose a customized product to complete your interior architecture.