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Air 4 - Double Flat
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
Air 5 - Double Flat
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
Air 4 with Side Windows - Double Flat
From $5,880.60  $6,534.00
Air Getty - Double Flat
From $4,573.80  $5,082.00
Air 4 - Double Full Arch
From $5,063.85  $5,626.50
Air 4 - Double Mini Arch
From $3,735.92  $4,151.02
Air 5 with Side Windows - Double Flat
From $5,880.60  $6,534.00
Air Pantry with Kickplate - Double Full Arch
From $2,940.30  $3,267.00
Air Pantry with Kickplate - Double Flat
From $2,204.80  $2,449.78
Air 4 with Left Side Window - Double Flat
From $6,098.40  $6,776.00
Air 4 with Right Side Window - Double Flat
From $6,968.28  $7,742.53
Air Getty Dutch - Double Flat
From $3,736.63  $4,151.81
Air 4 Pantry - Double Flat
From $2,032.80  $2,258.67
Air 4 with Side Windows - Double Full Arch
From $6,968.28  $7,742.53
Air 5 - Double Mini Arch
From $5,226.21  $5,806.90
Air 7 - Double Full Arch
From $5,226.21  $5,806.90
Air 4 Wide with Side Windows - Double Full Arch
From $10,454.40  $11,616.00
Air 7 - Double Flat
From $4,410.45  $4,900.50

PINKYS Exterior Steel Double Doors

Strength. Support. Protection.

It's what steel offers and what it represents.

Exterior steel doors project a special vibe, while double steel doors make an even strong statement as an entry door.

When you combine their special attributes with masterful craftsmanship, you get PINKYS steel exterior doors. Let's explain what steel double doors are and how they can transform your property.

Double the Doors - Double the Style

Double doors are just what the name suggests. They are two vertical doors meeting in the middle. They have two door slabs and make for an excellent entry door.

They're spacious, expansive, and enchanting. Open them wide and you connect the outdoors to any adjacent room, making a grant statement.

You'll often find large residential buildings with double doors. They are also common in commercial use. If you appreciate luxury and have a large space, you can have them installed in your home too. You'll love the easy access they give you to a large deck, swimming pool, or patio.

Most double doors have some sort of reinforcement as well. This can be safety glass or other elements made from aluminum and similar materials for added security.

Ideal Locations for Double Door

Double doors are spacious and expansive. So where can you put them to get the most out of their features? Here are some suggestions.

  • Front door: There's no better way to make a grand impression than with the first thing visitors encounter

  • Back door: For easy entry to the patio, backyard, or garage

  • Bedroom: For a luxurious feel in the heart of your home. Can also serve as an entrance to the outdoors

  • Dining room: Better connection to the rest of the home, free traffic flow, and a luxurious dining atmosphere

  • Kitchen: Allows easier access to the dining room for serving guests during parties

  • Office: Access to natural light and a better view of the surroundings.

Why Steel Exterior Double Doors Are Worth It

An exterior door purchase is a special one that makes a statement about your home. Steel entry doors make a great addition due to their numerous benefits. Let's explore them one by one.


Steel is strong. While many other door materials suffer from wear and tear over the years, steel exterior doors can stand the test of time and continue to provide security.

You're likely to damage the surface of wooden or softer metal doors when you move furniture, appliances, and similar large items through them.

A steel door also means you save more on future repairs. If you have a low-quality door exposed to the exterior, you'd risk more frequent damage, repairs, and maintenance.

Most steel doors have up to 26-gauge steel that doesn't crack.

Low Maintenance

Steel double doors are some of the lowest maintenance doors you can utilize. But why?

For starters, it doesn't warp and rot like wood. This is also why you don't need to refinish the surface every few years. If you want your entry door or any other doors in your home to not be an upkeep burden, opt for steel doors.


With steel doors, you're looking at doors that make a statement and that turn the page on style. The variety of styles available lets you create a dramatic, simplistic, or elegant appearance, and many other looks.

Many people don't mind having old rusty doors in their homes as long as they're functional. However, if you ever want to sell your property, you'll probably want to swap those out for new doors.

Steel double doors will not only add value to your home but also make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Moisture Resistant

The exterior door, and the front door in particular, need to withstand exposure to rain, snow, and moisture. The area in which you live may dictate the levels of protection you need, but it's always best to be safe than sorry.

Steel solutions are similar to fiberglass doors in this regard. With proper surfacing and manufacturing, they don't rust and are energy efficient and water-resistant.

Energy Efficiency

The best thing about steel exterior doors is their energy efficiency. Let's be honest, having doors that let air conditioning out in the summer and heat escape in the winter can be a mood killer. It's also not the best solution in terms of energy bills.

If you're looking to increase comfort year-long and want doors that are energy efficient and can withstand the cold weather without letting it inside, consider steel double doors.

Of course, the area you live in can have a drastically different definition of what is considered cold and hot than other locales. But steel doors can deliver in most climates due to their strong structure.

What Are the Downsides?

Steel doors offer greater security, curb appeal, and durability than many other doors. But when it comes to double doors, you may find them too large to fit tiny spaces. In fact, you want to stay away from double doors if you live in a small home.

Another downside is the cost. Doors as formidable as steel often command a substantial price. But the physical benefits of steel, as well as its luxury, might make it worth the financial investment.

Finally, the double door doesn't open as easily as the sliding or automatic one, or even a single door. If you don't have the physical strength to push them open every day or have limited movement abilities, you may want to stick to other more accessible doors. But if you’re sold on steel double doors, you can get in touch with local door suppliers and see how they can help in this case.

Consider This When Purchasing Steel Double Doors

By now you might be ready to purchase steel double doors. Does this mean you should simply run to the store and get one?

Unfortunately, no. There are still many things to consider before making a commitment.

Size of the door

The door size needs to match the available space in your house. Can you freely fit a double door, or will you need to make some structural adjustments? Settle these issues first.


Steel doors come with various levels of customization. Do you want glass in between the frames, pure steel, or something else?

Consider your needs, preferences, and budget before ordering any particular door design.


Just as you wouldn't buy a car from any reseller, you also don't want your new doors to come from a random place. Make sure the components of the doors truly are steel. Many double doors will have a wooden door frame, but this is not always the case. Also don't forget about the quality standards of the manufacturer.


Check the thickness of the door as soon as you get the chance. This also is important in ensuring the proper fit in your home

Product Availability

Ensure elements like hinges and the door itself are in good condition. Try to buy brand-new products. If the seller doesn't have your preferred door model in stock, wait until it becomes available or order a similar model.

Paint Quality

The finish paint on the door needs to meet all CSA standards. It should also have a good warranty. When you buy a new door, you want it to last. Even the paint needs to be resistant to elements like sun rays, water, etc. Steel doors offer versatility in this regard similar to fiberglass doors


Installing steel double doors is no beginner's task. Although DIY project is possible, we strongly do not recommend it.

If you still want to proceed with a DIY project, here's what you should do or keep in mind:

  • Be extra cautious when measuring the openings. You must create a 100% fit.

  • Get all the necessary hardware in on time.

  • The door and door frame need to be perfectly plumb and square prior to setup.

  • Adjust the door frame with shims.

  • Maximize energy efficiency by sealing gaps.

  • Take extra care when handling glass (if any is present).

  • Remember to buy hinges and other accessories.

Those are a lot of things to consider. We recommend leaving the job to a professional for the best installation.

PINKYS can make, deliver, and install your new exterior door. We offer a complete service for your security and peace of mind. There are numerous advantages to having your doors installed professionally, including the benefits of a guarantee against poor workmanship, which you don't get with a DIY installation.

How PINKYS Steel Double Doors Can Help

PINKYS can make and install any door for your house, and we are especially proud of our exterior door collection made of steel. They let you get rid of your old fiberglass doors and elevate the appearance of your front door.

Here's why PINKYS is an excellent choice.

Fully Customized

Your front door should match the rest of the home's style. We can enhance the beauty of your door by combining the styles you desire in the manufacturing process.

Let us know your preferred style or combination of glass and metal, and we'll suggest the best solution for your needs and budget.


Dozens of famous personalities throughout Hollywood have trusted us with their exterior door projects. We take special pride in our collaboration with them and continue to be a leader in the U.S. market for luxury steel doors. We invite our future customers to take a page from their book.

Lush, ethereal, and breathtaking, PIKNYS doors celebrate the timeless beauty of Southern California.

We are fully committed to providing the highest possible quality and service to our customers.

Looking for Steel Exterior Doors? Call PINKYS

Your exterior door is one of the first things guests see when coming to visit. It's what creates the impression of a strong and prosperous home. Additionally, your front door's beauty and strength can enhance and complement the surrounding elements as well.

The best impression is made with fully customized doors. That's exactly what PINKYS offers. View the styles and options on our official page, then give us a call to see why we're the best steel door provider on the market.