What is the Difference Between Iron and Steel Doors?

When it comes to doors, steel and iron are two common materials that can be used for construction. While steel doors are more durable, wrought iron is more vulnerable to rust than steel. Wrought iron is also softer and easier to mold, but steel molding is more expensive. Wrought iron is the preferred material for doors with intricate designs. Despite these differences, iron and steel doors are durable and can serve you well for years.

  • Maintenance

One of the biggest differences between steel and iron is the material's durability. The former will last longer, but steel will require fewer repairs over the years. Wrought iron will last for hundreds of years. While steel doors require little maintenance, iron doors can benefit from an occasional WD-40 rubdown to keep them gleaming. You can also consider adding a transom and sidelights to your iron doors if you'd like a light entryway in your home. A transom also lets light in through the doorway, and its floating circle allows more light to enter the home.

  • Durability

Besides being durable, both iron and steel doors are cheaper to make than their counterparts, and they are also easier to obtain and can be installed by a professional team. Both steel and iron doors are comparable on the surface level. If you're looking for a durable, affordable, and attractive door for your home, a metal option may be right for you. You can find many options for iron and steel doors regarding color, design, and material.

  • Nature of Material

One of the key differences between iron and steel doors is the type of material they are made from. While steel doors are sturdier, wrought iron doors have better resistance to rust than their steel counterparts. Steel doors will often begin to rust if exposed to water and salty air, compromising their structural integrity. However, they can be maintained, and both types are available in many designs and styles.

Last Words

While iron doors are generally the superior choice for exterior doors, steel doors are economical for homes and offices. While steel is less expensive, iron is more durable and reliable. Overall, these are better than steel doors. Although steel doors are a great choice for homes on a budget, they are not as durable and reliable as iron. But they are still a good option if you have a tight budget.

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