[image src="thermal_jamb_1.jpg" alt="Thermal Jamb"]

Polyurethane Foam Core is filled in the jamb for greater insulation. 

[image src="Foam.jpg" alt="Foam Core"]

Threshold: Steel threshold is included and it comes welded on the jamb.

In Swing Threshold:

[image src="in_swing.jpg" alt="In Swing"]


Out Swing Threshold:

[image src="Outswing.jpg" alt="Outswing]


Brackets:  Tabs come welded on jamb with pre drilled holes to allow for easy installation.

[image src="tabs.jpg" alt="Tabs"]

Hinges: Steel weld on bullet hinges with grease fittings come welded on jamb and door.  Allows customers to comfortably open our doors, but yet feel that quality with each and every use.  We use welded steel bullet hinge with copper crush washer instead of a ball bearing hinge because ball bearings are made out of stainless steel (hard material) and the hinges/doors are made out of steel (softer material) which over time causes the hinge to wear. With copper crush washers, the washer is the soft point and they are easily replaceable over time if needed. 

[image src="thermally-broken-hinges.jpg" alt="Thermally Broken Hinges"]