PDP - Lock Compatibility - Dutch Doors


If you choose to purchase your hardware/lockset from a third party vendor, please make sure to provide them with the following specifications to ensure that your desired lockset will be compatible with our doors.

Bore hole size: 2 1/8”
Back set: 2 3/8”
Door thickness: 2”
  • In stock dutch doors come with one pre drilled bore hole.
  • Locks purchased from PINKYS do not come installed on door upon delivery or shipment.  The reason for this is that it may get damage during the delivery or shipment process.  The installer will need to install the lock after the door installation is complete.

Bore Hole: 

A bore hole is the doorknob hole  that is drilled on the face of the door with a hole saw.  The hole is drilled halfway through from each side.  The hole saw is also used to drill the cross bore otherwise known as the latch hole.  Both doorknob hole and latch holes come completed and drilled with every in stock order to help your installer install the lock at ease.

Back Set:

The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the 2-1/8” bore hole.  The back set measurement is important to help our customers purchase the correct compatible lock with the correct latch size.  We have already done the homework for you by specifying the PINKYS locks that are compatible with your door if you choose to purchase the locks from PINKYS.  Our customers do not have to purchase the locks from PINKYS, you may purchase the locks from any local hardware store of your liking.

Door Thickness