3 Custom Wrought Iron Door Myths Busted

Let’s face it, no matter how well you design your house or what theme you choose; the fixtures ultimately determine the result. Doors are important architectural elements that play a critical design function as well. They help tie the entire theme together, giving you a complete, refined and polished look. While wood and PVC doors were a common option back in the day, modern homeowners are on the lookout for something functional, classy, and innovative.

One option that ticks all the boxes are metallic doors like black steel and wrought iron. Available in a variety of exterior and interior options, these doors are taking over the home design market by storm. However, there are several myths associated with these options. We’ve busted a few here:


Myth# 1: They Only Work Well with Modern Settings 

The class and style of metallic doors are unmatched. They have a smooth finish, bold structure, and stunning design, making them the perfect option for all kinds of settings. If you’re a fan of classical settings, then a wrought iron door with details like ornate scrollwork will be your best option.

It will add a sense of character and uplift all existing decor. A flat top or arch door with clear glass will be ideal if you have a minimalistic setting. Whether you’re looking for front doors, pantry doors, patio doors, or wine cellar doors, all can be customized to work with your theme.


Myth# 2: They Have No Effect on Power Costs

Metallic doors also come in thermally broken versions; these are specially designed to keep the heat/cold out during all seasons. Wrought iron thermally broken doors save you from spending extra on heating or cooling! 


Myth#: 3 Iron Doors Don’t Increase House Value

Although wooden doors are a popular choice, they are highly susceptible to rotting and staining, which is why homeowners look for practical home solutions. Some are even willing to pay extra for functional doors like wrought iron and steel. These doors are visually stunning and increase your curb appeal like no other!


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