3 Modern Design Ideas for Your Custom Steel Doors

A double arch entrance door to a wooden cabin filled with rugs.

What is the most modern choice you can make for your house? While most would think about replacing furniture, updating wall art, and repainting the house; those are not the only options. You can always incorporate something new, edgy, and stylish to make a statement.

Steel doors are a great way to do add some modernity to your house. Steel doors can be easily customized according to your liking and to match the tone of your home’s interior. However, you might not know the exact design you want, which is why we’re here to help.

We have a few modern designs up our sleeves that can help you create your custom steel doors. Let’s explore each of them one by one!

French Doors with Glass Grids

Modern doesn't mean highly functional, or overly expensive – modern designs usually include a simplistic design that works well in various settings. French steel doors are one such example of a perfect design. These doors come in several variations such as plain French doors, French doors with panels, French doors with sidelights, and French doors with glass grids.

The glass grids add an open element, lets in natural light, and creates the illusion of more space. You can opt for frosted glass, tinted glass, or plain to keep things simple. The customization will make your steel door stand out!

Contemporary Accordions

Accordions or bi-fold steel doors are a great addition to any household. They can instantly close up to create more space, are super functional, and can be customized as per your choice. If you're choosing a bi-fold steel door for your pantry, we’d skip the glass grids and keep them enclosed. However, if you’re choosing an accordion door for your patio, then the bigger the glass panel, the better. They ensure more natural light and ventilation within the house.

Dutch Doors with Frosted Glass Grids

Who doesn’t love Dutch doors? They are an adorable element to add to your house with both halves of the door being extremely functional. You can add frosted glass grids to one half of the door and leave the bottom half solid. However, if you want to take the design a little further, you can add glass grids to both halves of the door.

Get your custom door designs made with Pinky’s Iron Doors. We specialize in creating customized steel doors and iron doors for your house. If you don’t want customization, you can always choose from the range of iron door options available on our website. For more information, give us a call.



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