3 Sleek Doors and Windows by Pinky’s Iron Doors

The modern home décor style is all about keeping it simple, with minimal elements. It’s a reflection of the world’s efforts to cut down on waste but not on style. Our goal at Pinky’s Iron Doors has been to keep up or stay ahead of the trends, and we provide a great lineup of steel doors and products that look exquisite and offer a great deal of utility. Check them out:

French Doors

French doors are incredibly popular, to the point that if you asked people to visualize a glass door, they would think of a French door. They’re relatively sleek in their design with a high glass-to-steel-frame ratio. It allows for a lot of light to seep into your interior areas while allowing for a clear view of the outside.

You can go with different variations, such as double doors, those with sidelights and transoms if you fancy a larger installation.

NFRC-Rated Steel Windows

For windows, there’s no way you could go wrong with NFRC-rated steel windows. They come in a sleek package but offer great value to your home. Firstly, they’re fairly compact and allow for a high level of luminance in the room. A new window will create a tighter seal around the frame, letting less dust and noise inside the home.

NFRC rated windows and doors.

NFRC-rated steel windows are certified by authorities for optimal performance, and they use glass with an R-value capable of withstanding significant amounts of heat. You can expect to see some changes in your heating and air-conditioning bill over a long-term basis by installing NFRC-rated steel windows.

Barn Doors

As the name suggests, barn doors have a moving mechanism similar to a sliding door, except that it’s located at the top. It allows for a smaller form factor for the entire installation, which you can neatly tuck away in any part of your home.

They help keep rooms bright, insulated and maintained with their easy maneuverability.

Can’t get enough of our offerings? Check out more of what we’ve got in store for you, ranging from patio doors, sliding doors, wine cellar doors, and steel front doors, along with other accessories for the modern home. If you’re looking for something personalized, we also create custom doors and windows for our loyal customers that have a special design in mind.


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