3 Tips to Decorate Your Iron Doors This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and we’re all a bit too ecstatic (cue to all the memes about listening to holiday songs in November)—and why wouldn’t we be? After all, the pandemic gave us all a beating that most of us are still trying to recover from.

It’s time to let bygones by be bygones and let the holiday spirit wash over us. Experiencing love, hope, and joy after a year as challenging as 2020 is nothing short of a miracle—and isn’t that what the holiday season is really about?


Wrought iron doors are perfect for declaring during the holiday season. They can hold decorations and add to the overall aesthetic of your holiday ornaments.

So put on your Santa hat and check out these holiday decoration tips for your iron doors that will make your guests feel welcomed and let you revel in the Christmas spirit.

Before You Begin…

Since every home’s architectural style and design are unique, there isn’t a “right” way to decorate your wrought iron doors. You can take liberties with your decorations and see if they complement or clash with your home’s architecture.

We’ve outlined a few tips that can help you accentuate your iron doors with festive decorations.

Bring Out the Lights

The holiday spirit is all about joy and hope, and what better way to communicate that through your home’s exterior than with lighting?

You can use battery-operated LED string lights to decorate your iron doors to make them glow with the holiday spirit. If you want to add a much more enhanced aesthetic appeal, you can even weave the lights through the iron bars of the wrought iron door!

Put Up the Wreaths

If you have a wrought iron door, you can rarely ever go wrong with wreaths. They’re the perfect way to draw attention to your door’s intricate details and add the festive holiday spirit home’s exterior.

You can choose between a minimalistic-looking natural wreath or an ornamental wreath for your wrought iron door, depending on your preference.

You can even take it one step ahead by adding an oversized wreathe and flank it with ribbons if you plan to go all out. If you’ve got double iron doors, add two identical wreaths.

Build On the Design of Your Wrought Iron Door

The best thing about wrought iron doors is that they can be the foundation of your décor, allowing you to build up holiday decoration from a focal point.

In addition to lights and wreaths, you can line your entryway with luminaries if you want to illuminate the entryway and keep things simple this holiday season.

You can even add an ornamental arch above your wrought iron door with festive ribbons.


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