3 Types of Iron Doors for Your Minimalistic Home

Minimalism is all the rage these days, and it’s time you jump aboard the bandwagon too. But that being said, we know it’s not too easy to leave the old ways behind.

This is why we suggest taking baby steps.

You can simply start by replacing the doors and windows of your house to give it a more minimalistic appearance. From your front door to the other exterior and interior doors, you can change them to achieve a more simple and modern appeal.

Once your home starts looking minimalistic, your life will naturally follow a similar route too.


A Single Iron Door with Clean Lines and Clear Glass

We often tell our clients that the front door can set the tone for the entire interior that lies ahead. Most people make up an opinion about your home before they even walk through the front door. So, if you’re aiming for change, this is where you need to start.

We suggest using this single iron entry door. With its simple design and use of clear glass, it’s the epitome of minimalism. It’s also very chic and would let in plenty of natural light into the foyer, eliminating the need for expensive artificial lighting, i.e., another minimalistic approach!

Simple and Wide Double Entry Doors for A Great View

Large houses are exactly minimalistic, but there are ways to tone down the extravagance a bit. While typically, people would install intricately designed wrought iron double doors as entry doors for a larger entryway, we suggest using these very neat and basic double iron doors

The design is very non-fussy but has a charming appeal to it. Like the single-entry door, this one, too, would let in plenty of natural light into the foyer. Moreover, it provides greater access and stunning views of the outdoors.

You can also pair it up with sidelights and a transom if you’ve got the space to make it appear chicer without overdoing it.


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