3 Types of Patio Doors


We invest a lot of time, energy, and money in making our homes look more appealing and inviting. Getting the perfect furniture pieces along with proper placement is vital. Still, design elements that play an even more significant role are the steel doors, and windows that perfectly complement the interior.

You need something that effortlessly blends in with the rest of your home without being too overbearing, which is why even patio doors come in a variety of styles. The warm Texas weather makes it the optimal place for lots of gardening and maintaining a patio.

But if you have an unkempt patio door, chances are you’re less likely to spend time out in the open. It also decreases your home’s value and overall aesthetics.

Don’t worry; here are some patio door styles you can opt for in your Fort Worth home and overcome all these issues.

Sliding patio doors

Your home shouldn’t be just about aesthetics and appeal; you also need to think about practicality and utilizing the space as best as you can.

If you have a small home with furniture pieces cluttered together, you need to go for patio doors that take the least amount of space without looking unappealing.

Sliding doors are a great patio door option for big and small homes. You can have them custom-built to fit your living space perfectly. A simple sliding maneuver brings in tons of fresh air, natural light, and cool breezes, plus you get to enjoy a beautiful view from the comfort of your home.

French patio doors

No one does classy and elegant home designing like the French, which is why simple, sleek and stylish French doors are a go-to patio door option for most Texas residents.

And can you blame them? The versatility that comes with French doors remains unparalleled, and they’re perfect for bigger or more minimalist homes. They seamlessly blend in with the rest of your home and furniture, bringing in a lot of sunlight and warmth.

If you really want to hone in on the elegant and classy style, you can opt for black French doors.


Bi-fold patio doors

Custom-built to fit your home, bi-fold or accordion doors bring nature much closer as they expand your living spaces, offering luxury and a subtle touch of old-world charm to your Fort Worth home. Bi-fold doors are the perfect way to elevate your home and seamlessly blend the indoors and outdoors.

If you’re looking to upgrade your patio doors in Fort Worth, Texas, check out our collection.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we offer a wide variety of interior and exterior doors to help you complete your home and make it stylish. We have everything from sliding doors, French doors, bi-fold doors to Dutch doors to elevate your home’s exterior. We specialize in steel and iron doors, so you know you’re getting luxury and quality when working with us.


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