3 Ways to Make Your Old-School California Home More Contemporary Using Iron Doors


In recent times, the new interior design themes emerging are an amalgam of modern and traditional themes. This classic meets contemporary idea has become more popular as interior design becomes more dynamic. Now, you can add contemporary elements to an old-school space to change it up.

One such contemporary element is modern iron doors that give a more minimalistic and clean look compared to traditional door designs. Iron doors can transform the appeal of the space and add the perfect amount of modern pizzazz to your house.

Here's how you can use iron doors to make your old-school California home more contemporary.

Add Exotic Barn Doors

Barn doors are the perfect example of a modern and traditional juxtaposition. Polished and well-made barn doors can seamlessly blend in with the contemporary and classic elements of a space.

In addition to serving their functionality, barn doors create a lasting impact and work well in all spaces, including passages. They take up very little space and use a single pane of glass to add to the modern aesthetic.

Revamp your Bathroom with Shower Doors

A conventionally designed bathroom can quickly become outdated and dull. If you're revamping your old-school house, make sure to change your bathroom as well. You can add a little luxury to your bathroom by changing old sinks and faucet fittings to new and modern ones.

You can also breathe life into your old washroom by adding waterproof decorative items to it, such as scented candles, paintings, flowers, etc. Lastly, get a shower door installed in the bathroom to give it an exquisite feel. The shower door is easily installed with no changes to the existing construction, and it can easily be fit into the space, giving it a modern feel.

Use Minimalistic Office and French Doors

With their clean glass panels and their sturdy and minimalistic frame, office doors are the perfect way to add a modern flair to an old-school space. They have a unique contemporary appeal and are a perfect replacement for old worn-out wooden door designs.

Similarly, French doors are also a great mixture of modern and traditional design themes. You can add them to a traditional space to make it appear more open and modern. Paired with other appropriate design elements, French doors can give a contemporary touch to your house.

Both office and French doors are also great if your door opens up to an aesthetic space that you want to see from the inside. They're a great way to create connected spaces.


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Iron doors add a modern twist to traditional and old school homes. With the right iron doors installed in the appropriate room, you can change that area's entire look and feel.

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