4 Best Locations in Your El Paso Home to Place Wrought Iron Doors


Wondering where you can install our gorgeous wrought iron doors in your El Paso home? We've got a few recommendations that are totally out of the box, while others are more conventional and straightforward.

The reason even the wildest recommendations (glass doors and windows for a bathroom—hello!?) work is because our products are so versatile, customizable, and you can still control the amount of privacy they offer.

Check out these ideas for your next installation, and get planning:

1. Your home's back or side entrance

If your home has multiple entrances, swap out your backdoor with a gorgeous sliding or wrought iron door. Many people may not be comfortable having glass and iron doors for their front entrance, so you can always choose one for the side or back. It's convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and pretty private.

2. As an entrance to your patio or backyard

Got a patio or backyard you can't get enough of? Enjoy the views with our beautiful range of wrought iron doors in El Paso. We offer multiple styles of patio doors, including French-style, Dutch doors, bi-fold doors, and more that you can choose from. Our clients often play with curtains and blinds for privacy while still enjoying the aesthetics and style of our doors.


3. For your gorgeous wine cellar or pantry

If you have a wine cellar at home, or a pantry, make it look all the more regal with the help of our beautiful iron doors in El Paso. They're elegant, minimalist, and help separate your cellar and pantry without obstructing the view.

4. Use room dividers to section large spaces

Room dividers are another ingenious way to section off larger spaces without cutting them off from one another. You can have a mini office space (complete with an office door) as well as a separate dining area within your living room or lounge. The possibilities are endless—you just have to get creative.

Upgrade your home's exteriors and interiors with our high-quality iron or steel doors in El Paso, or place an order for beautifully made custom wrought iron doors, where you have the option to choose from various colors, different finishes, and types of glass. We're bringing you some of the most spectacular doors and windows that will give your home the glow-up you've been waiting for. You can place an order with us through our website and enjoy fast shipping, flexible payments including installments, and excellent customer service too. Contact us to know more.


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