4 Most Gorgeous Cities in New Mexico Where French Iron Patio Doors Are a Must-Have


There are very few features you could add to a home that would completely liven up its aesthetics, both exteriorly and interiorly, as well as French iron patio doors can. French iron doors are designed to contain mostly just pristine glass because their sole purpose (apart from the obvious one being: acting as a portal) is to provide a window to the outside world without necessarily being in direct contact with it.

French patio doors enable you to admire the scenic views overlooking your patio while keeping you in the safety of your own home. So the ideal homes to have French iron patio doors would be the ones in cities with stunning views, right? Here are some of the gorgeous cities in New Mexico where homeowners should definitely invest in some French iron patio doors.

1.    Santa Fe

Santa Fe is almost a landmark city in Arizona, all thanks to its rich history that left its marks in the form of vintage architecture and museums across the town. You’ll find some stunning rocky fixtures and historical districts alongside the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which would be a shame to miss out on if you live nearby. Install some French iron doors in your patio so you can wake up to the glorious mountain views every day!

2.    Taos

Another beautiful town on the list of the prettiest mountain towns in the US is Taos, NM. Although it is a small town situated near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it is a mighty one to look out for because of its rich artistic appeal. Homeowners would benefit greatly from sliding iron patio doors or French iron patio doors in Taos to become one with nature.

3.    Silver City

Silver City was a town created by miners in the late 1800s and is known for its mountains and rocks which are rich in silver deposits. The town is a hot spot for hikers and nature lovers due to its abundant natural beauty. Nearby residents can get engrossed in the scenic views of the mountains, lakes and parks through their French iron patio doors.

4.    Las Cruces

Another honorable mention goes to Las Cruces, the town of every nature lover’s dreams. Characterized by stunning rocky hills, forest-like remote trails, nearby lakes and green parks, Las Cruces is one of the most beautiful cities in the state. French iron patio doors and even iron windows are a must-have for homeowners in the area.


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