4 Must-Have Steel Sliding Doors for Your Modern Home in Arizona

Do you feel like your home could use some space but are not sure what to remove? You're tired of de-cluttering, but it just isn't enough, and rooms still seem stuffy? It's because you haven't considered changing your interior doors.

4 Must-Have Steel Sliding Doors for Your Modern Home in Arizona


Interior doors play a huge role in tying the aesthetics of your home together. If you own a minimalistic home in Arizona, steel sliding doors are a great addition to your home. Our steel door collection is made to keep the door light in weight and sophisticated in appearance.

Here are four steel sliding door ideas for your home:

Barn Style Steel Doors

Barn style steel doors are not just ideal for pictures but look beautiful when guests visit too. Whether you'd like to use it as a bedroom door or a separator, it can complement any space.

If you'd like to add it to your children's room, consider getting it in a bright color for a fun look. Or simply stick to the traditional style for a sophisticated appearance.

Kitchen Steel Sliding Doors

Most homes in Arizona come with an open floor plan, which means the kitchen and the living area are connected. It looks beautiful when entering the house; however, it can become a little annoying when you don't have privacy in the kitchen.

Use our steel sliding doors to separate your kitchen and living area for a peaceful cooking time. Have your guests seated in the living room without any worries and cook whatever you wish! So smoke, no hassle!

French-Inspired Steel Doors

If you have a room in your Arizonian home that connects you to the outdoor space, add some freshness to your room with French steel sliding doors. The grid-style frame and tempered glass panels allow you to enjoy the beautiful sunny view of Arizona while you're sitting in your bed.

Or if your living room connects you to the patio, French steel sliding doors are amazing for patio entrance too. Our French steel doors are versatile, which means we can make them in any color and finish you want. Matte or glossy, black or white; we've got you!

Pocket Steel Doors

Most homes have smaller areas that could be used for many things, but adding a door can eat up all the space. That's where pocket steel doors come into play.

Our vast range of pocket steel doors is specifically created to create more space without compromising on the style or design. We love our classic pocket steel doors with a large grid-style frame with bigger glass panes for a more relaxed look.

If you have something else on your mind, we would love to create that for you!

4 Must-Have Steel Sliding Doors for Your Modern Home in Arizona

From where can you get our beautiful steel sliding doors?

Pinky's Iron Doors loves spreading joy by creating masterpieces in the form of doors. Our craftsmen are truly gifted at creating remarkable interior steel doors and iron entry doors.

If you're interested in getting your hands on any of these steel doors, just visit our website and get in touch with us. Customers can select any readily available steel and iron door on our website or forge a custom door as per their requirements.

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