4 Showcased Iron and Steel Doors You Have to Check Out

While all of our iron and steel doors are close to our heart, there are some superstar designs that are truly noteworthy. From the Air 9’s quaint silhouette to the innovative Air 4 Mini Arch, we have a lot to show off.

We’ve showcased a whole bunch of wrought iron and steel doors over time, but there are some that you should definitely check out for your home!


Air 9 Single Full Arch

The Air 9 Single Full Arch is a door that you have to watch out for if you like the fusion of Classical design with the look and feel of a modern iron door. The Air 9 arch is timeless, especially with the added pickets overlaying the glass. The added functionality of the swing-open glass pane is a definite bonus!

The Air 9 Single Full Arch is a great addition for a small doorway and can balance out natural curb features like marble and stone steps as well as the greenery of a lawn. This 96-inch iron exterior door looks way more delicate than it is, with a large threshold and smooth swinging mechanisms.


Expressway Double Arch

The Expressway Double Arch is one for the ages. This door has character, and that’s putting it lightly! This traditional wrought iron door has all the usual perks of having a Pinky’s wrought iron door but with the extra flair of a solid picket laid parallel together in combination with scrollwork.  

The Expressway Double Arch offers the benefit of a longer operational glass panel behind the front detailing, which is great for letting the light in. However, if you want added privacy, we also make special order versions of this iron front door with textured Frost or Aquatex glass for the maximum level of opacity.


Air 5 Single Full Arch in Steel

This interior door is the ultimate way to add some quirk to your home. While most interior doors are rectangular and flat, the arch here stands out and makes your passageways look all the more interesting. We especially love the looming glass here, which lets light filter in from one room to another, opening up space without actually getting rid of any walls.

The Air 5 Single Full Arch has a one-inch frame and pickets, emphasizing the minimal design. We also create these doors with glass squares interlaid with the pickets, making sure the door is as cohesively produced as possible. Dress up these doors with colorful interiors to make the features truly pop!


Air 4 Double Mini Arch

Moving on to our favorite Air series double iron door, the Air 4 Double Mini Arch is the symbol of strength. This door debuted the mini arch style, incorporating the wide silhouette of a flat double door combined with the slightest of arches for new innovation on our iron doors. This true divide door took a while to get right, but the result was definitely worth it!

With 1” pickets that run parallel to each other, forming three horizontal panels, the Air 4 Double Mini Arch is perfect for homes that need a large door to complete the look without going too heavy on the steel or iron.

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