4 Steel Doors Perfect for Your Home Office

2020 completely changed how we approach work! So many people have become hybrid workers, only going in to work when they need to or have started working from home exclusively. That’s why having a dedicated workspace is the new home trend for 2021.

Say goodbye to messy nooks and crannies for working from home, it’s time to get some steel doors and start designing your home office!

Air 4 Dutch Door

You’ve probably only seen Dutch Doors as a back door or iron exterior door — but a home office with a Dutch Door is definitely one you’ll love. If you work from home often or all the time, you’ve probably often felt the need to keep an eye on what’s happening outside the office while working in there (especially if you’re watching the kids!).

The Air 4 Dutch Door offers the perfect opportunity for you to keep an eye on what’s happening outside with the clear glass and slim steel bars. However, with the Dutch Door, you can also keep the top open, allowing you to hear and watch what’s happening in your home a lot more easily.

Air 5 Interior Barn Door

Barn doors for an office? The idea of one for a working space can seem over the top, but barn doors offer a key advantage: they take up less space. If you’d rather work with your office door open some days, all you have to do is slide the door aside and go about your day.

The Air 5 Barn Door offers you a streamlined, easy to use option if you don’t have room in your house to leave the doors open or if it’s a hazard you want to avoid. Our barn doors also don’t have a threshold, allowing you to fit the door into a makeshift entryway too!

Air 4 Interior: Dual Single

The Air 4 Interior Dual Single with Middle Fixed Panel Flat is a mouthful of a name, which fits the more professional, grandiose look of the door itself. If you have a more expansive home office and conduct business and meetings in it, this door is perfect for you. The door has two single doors joined together with a middle panel that’s fixed into place.

Why do we love this door for home offices? The Dual Single door brings the look of an office space conference room to your house. In fact, this kind of door works great for spaces where you have a team working together and need a larger space for collaboration. Needless to say, this door provides enough leeway for entry and exit seamlessly.


Air Lite Double Flat

If you’re looking for the classic office door look, our Air Lite Series is the one for the job. We especially love the Air Lite Double Flat! It balances out the strong effect of robust black steel doors with a single glass panel that runs through without any added detailing. We recommend adding a pair of classic handlebars to complete the look.

Since the glass here is plain, the best way to really make it look professional is to get textured glass on special order. Frosted glass gets you the most privacy if that’s what you’re looking for.

Explore a full range of other steel entry doors for your home office to truly make the room feel like a workspace you can be productive in. We also have steel French doors, iron patio doors, and a range of iron front doors for your home, so browse through our endless range while you’re at it.

We also have additional discount iron doors in our clearance section or custom iron door options for an exceptionally high-value deal!


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